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Members in the News: May 6, 2024


Zhengfei Guan, University of Florida

Chinese Professors Warn of ‘Culture of Fear’ in Florida After DeSantis’ Hiring Restrictions

By: Politico -  May 29, 2024

“Guan says the law has stalled his agricultural economics research. Originally, he received 18 applicants for a graduate or postdoctoral assistant, and the best person for the job ended up being a Chinese applicant, he said. About a quarter of the candidates were from “countries of concern,” and all were international.”

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Joseph Balagtas, Purdue University

Grocery Prices 2024: When Will Things Start to Get Cheaper Again at the Supermarket?

By: NASDAQ – April 25, 2024

“The 26-month survey also showed an 11.3% peak in U.S. food prices surge in 2022, but it has cooled down to 2.6 Although inflation has declined, it’s still present in the economy. Consumers expect more increase in food price inflation in the next 12 months.”

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Scott Swinton, Michigan State University

Are Cultivated Morel Mushrooms Possible?

By: Brownfield – April 19, 2024

“Even though it’s difficult to cultivate them outdoors and we’re still learning how to do this in the United States, the prices are high enough that there’s hope that with even with fairly low yields, you might still be able to make a profit.”

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Wendong Zhang, Cornell University

What is Hindering Edge-of-Field Conservation Adoption?
By: Farm Progress – April 18, 2024

Laid-off: Former Tyson Foods Chicken Farmers Face High Costs Switching to Eggs
By: Reuters – April 30, 2024 or Fast Company

Stephen Koontz, Colorado State University

Livestock Marketing Information Center: More Front Loaded Long-Fed Cattle

By: Morning Ag Clips – April 30, 2024

“While market attention appears to be captured by the HPAI information from the cattle herd – specifically dairy animals, there remains a rather substantial amount of other bearish short-term news in the market fundamentals. Primarily, the calculated and assumed cattle on feed over 150 days is substantial and growing.”

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Amy Hagerman, Oklahoma State University

USDA Wildfire and Disaster Relief Program Overview with OSU’s Amy Hagerman

By: Oklahoma Farm Report – May 2, 2024

“The main thing that people need to know is to do timely reporting of the damages. A lot of these programs have a bit of a time clock associated with them, so getting timely reporting of those damages and documentation is so critical for any of these programs. It is also a good idea for producers to take documentation of their property before disaster strikes as well so it can be compared in the case of a disaster.”

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Rodolfo Nayga Jr., Texas A&M University
Jianhui Liu, University of Florida
Bachir Kassas, University of Florida

Academics Worry About Ag Economist Shortage

By: The Western Producer – May 3, 2023

“Given the predicted drop in high school graduates, it is imperative for many agricultural economics departments to adapt to the changing landscape to ensure their sustainability and relevance. Ag economics departments could be severely compromised by the predicted slump in high school graduates after 2025, which will continue to about 2037. Declining birth rates in recent decades are hitting the school age population. That shrinks the pool of young people expected to enter university in general."

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