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Members in the News: April 29, 2024


Andrew Stevens, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Bird Flu Outbreak Is Driving Up Egg Prices — Again

By: CBS – April 24, 2024

“During a bird flu outbreak, farmers report the incident to the USDA and officials from the agency visit the farm to slaughter the entire flock. For the chicken farmer, that means "hundreds of thousands of them that were laying multiple eggs are now not. You're taking out all the baseline egg production for up to three months at a time. You're paying for that lag time it takes to shore up and build back up production."

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Amitrajeet Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology

What Does the Relationship Between Mothers-in-Law and Daughters-in-Law Tell Us About Women’s Labor Force Participation in India?

By: Medium – April 20, 2024

“Given how vast Asia is and the existence of substantial regional differences within Asia, it helps to think about this unfortunately low female labor force participation by focusing on India, the most populous nation not only in Asia but also in the world.”

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Joana Colussi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Gary Schnitkey,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Carl Zulauf,
The Ohio State University

Brazil Poised For Major Agricultural Expansion

By: Feed & Grain – April 10, 2024

“By transforming 70 million acres of degraded pastureland into croplands, Brazil could see a 35% expansion in agricultural area.”

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Sandro Steinbach, North Dakota State University

The Dollar Store Dilemma

By: Marketplace – April 23, 2024

“Dollar stores have been expanding significantly over the last 20 years … we’re talking about 50,000 stores. So it’s the end of a wave.”

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Joseph Balagtas, Purdue University

Why Experts say Inflation Is Relatively Low But Voters Feel Differently

By: NPR – April 25, 2024

“I'd say that most of the drivers of higher food prices have gone away. The one that's lingered is high labor costs. And so we see sustained higher prices or faster inflation in items that are labor intensive, including restaurant meals and packaged foods. So we're going to see higher food prices in some items. I don't think – and I certainly don't hope – that we return to the fast food price inflation that we saw last year or the year before.”

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Vishavdeep Sharma, The Ohio State University
Rabail Chandio,
Iowa State University
Ani Katchova,
The Ohio State University

A look at foreign Inverstment in Ohio Farmland

By: Ohio Country Journal – April 15, 2024

“The surge in foreign investment in U.S. farmland can have profound effects on local farmers and the agricultural economy. A primary concern is about the potential impact of foreign investments on land prices.”

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Aaron Smith, University of Tennessee

Analyst: ‘Sure Looks Like’ Ag Census Undercounted Corn And Soybean Acreage

By: Successful Farming – April 26, 20244

“I don’t know what explains this, but it sure looks like the 2022 census significantly undercounted corn and soybean acres in multiple Corn Belt and Great Plains states.”

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