Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 NAREA Annual Meeting & Workshop: Call for Papers and Symposia

Submission Deadline: February 9, 2018
Annual Meeting: Selected paper sessions, organized sessions, and a poster session allow scholars to share their current research. We also welcome discussion symposia proposals. We welcome submissions in all areas of environmental, natural resource, and agricultural economics.

For information on submission of papers for the Workshop on “Advances in the Economic Analysis of Food System Drivers and Effects,” please refer to the Workshop website: http://www.narea.org/2018/workshop/about.asp.

Selected Paper Proposals: Selected paper submissions should include: (i) the title of paper; (ii) names and institutional affiliations of the author and co-authors; (iii) name and e-mail address of paper presenter; (iv) an abstract of no more than 500 words; and (v) 2-4 keywords. The Selected Papers Committee will review abstracts in terms of significance to the field, strength of methodology/design, clarity of writing, and fit within conference topics. Some abstracts may be invited to present as a poster in a poster session instead of in a paper session. If an author submits more than one abstract, he or she may be limited to one presentation. Selected paper proposals should be submitted through NAREA's submission system at http://narea.org/2018/proposal/submit.asp.

If you would like to submit an organized session, please have each author submit his or her abstract as above. The organizer must also (by the submission deadline) submit through the “organized session” form: a list of all titles that belong in the session, a title for the session, and a brief (a sentence or two) explanation of the topical relationship among the papers in the session and why the session topic would be of interest to meeting attendees. The organized session may be accepted in whole, in part (and the accepted papers assigned to other sessions), or may be rejected. Organized sessions should be submitted through NAREA's submission system at http://narea.org/2018/proposal/submit.asp.

Discussion Symposium Proposals: A discussion symposium allows a more fluid and multilateral format for engagement with works in progress or “hot topics” in the field. A symposium may include prepared questions for two or more panelists, a debate, a roundtable, or another format. Regardless, half of the time (out of a session of 85 or 90 minutes) should be allocated for discussion with or questions from the audience. To propose a discussion symposium, submit through NAREA's submission system at http://narea.org/2018/proposal/submit.asp with names of the participants, the title of the symposium, and a paragraph describing what you would do in the symposium and why it would be of interest to meeting attendees.

Submission Deadline: February 9, 2018. Electronic acknowledgement will be sent to all submitters. We expect to notify the authors by March 30, 2018, for all types of submissions. If accepted, all presenters must be NAREA members and registered for the Annual Meeting by May 1, 2018. Submission questions can be directed to the Program Chair, President-Elect David Just (drj3@cornell.edu). Local arrangements questions can be directed to local arrangements chair Ted Jaenicke (ecj3@psu.edu).

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