Wednesday, June 27, 2012

C-SPAN Program Seeks to Share Federal Statistics with the American People

Each Friday, C-SPAN's Washington Journal airs a recurring segment called "America by the Numbers" that seeks to share federal statistics with the American People. The series features each of the 14 federal agencies that produce statistical data and have a principal mission to provide that data to the public. This list of 14 agencies includes quite a few that are relevant to AAEA, such as USDA-Economic Research Service, USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Segments aired so far include:
  • Women in the Workforce
  • Crime in America
  • Mortality Rates in America
  • Health Uninsured in America
  • Unemployment Rates in America
  • What We Produce
  • Measuring America’s Educational Statistics
  • Winter Energy Outlook
  • Measuring America’s Economy
  • Agriculture by the Numbers
  • Changing American Households
Here's a quote from a press release about the series, describing its focus:
"America By The Numbers" offers compelling content, interviews with experts inside and outside the Federal Statistical System, and call-in questions from viewers. Each segment focuses on new statistical findings and relevant public issues. The goal is to inform Americans about quality statistics and explain how statistics can improve our lives.

The world is inundated with data from scientific studies, Internet transactions, polling companies and the Federal Statistical System. More than 70 federal agencies collect data and produce statistical information. Of those, 14 have as their principal mission the duty to provide such information to the public and other data users. "America By The Numbers" will showcase all 14 principal agencies.

Often it is difficult to distinguish useful statistical information from untrustworthy information. “America By The Numbers” presents detailed statistics in a way that is both engaging and educational. The public is given direct access to statistical experts and encouraged to ask important questions.
You can learn more about this series by visiting the C-SPAN website.

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