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Members in the News: January 16, 2023

*Disclaimer - This email is to acknowledge citations of current AAEA members and/or their research in any public media channel. AAEA does not agree nor disagree with the views or attitudes of cited outside publications.

Scott Swinton, Michigan State University

“Michiganders respond to Sen. Stabenow’s decision to step down”

By: Wilx10 - January 5, 2023

“For example, the farm bill provides crop insurance for many farmers so that when prices are low for that crop, or when yields are bad, they can be insured. Stabenow made sure Michigan farmers had access to crop insurance, which was previously only available for bigger farms and crops grown nationwide. Under Sen. Stabenow’s leadership, many of these specialty crops like blueberries, tart cherries - crops that are important to Michigan - got covered”

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Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont

"A Vt. Company Plans to Process Industrial Hemp. Their First Challenge? Convincing Farmers to Grow It"

By: Vermont Public - January 9, 2023

“Hemp is not marijuana, and that's one of the biggest, I think, hurdles that we're still facing. What you had was a series of growers, who perhaps never grew hemp before, and decided that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

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Jayson Lusk, Purdue University

  • “Purdue/USB Study Evaluates Impact of Soy Based Biofuels on Food Prices”By: Brownfield
    By: Brownfield - January 10, 2023
  • "Household Food Expenditures Increased More Than 15% From Start of 2022"
    By: National Hog Farmer - January 12, 2023

Brian Roe, The Ohio State University

“Working To Lower Food Waste In Central Ohio”

By: WOSU Public Media - January 11, 2023

“Every day, nearly one million pounds of food ends up in the Franklin County sanitary landfill, but food waste in central Ohio is on the decline thanks in part to a campaign from the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO).”

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Andrew Stevens, University of Wisconsin - Madison

“Legislation By Sen. Tammy Baldwin Requires More Transparency Around Foreign Owners of US Farmland”

By: WPR - January 11, 2023

"The analyses that have been done with the data that are currently available really show that foreign ownership of agricultural land in the United States is a pretty miniscule issue, if it's an issue at all. There are no systematic differences across communities with more or less foreign ownership. Land prices don't seem to systematically differ."

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Daniel Sumner, University of California, Davis

“It Could Be Awhile Before Egg prices Fall. Here Are Some Egg Substitutes, According to Nutritionists”

By: KXXV - January 10, 2023

“The best projections right now from USDA is that egg prices will be down by 50 percent or 75 percent at the wholesale level early this year, this spring or summer. As of right now, we’re expecting prices to come down very rapidly, but still not get back to normal, if I can call it that, until 2024,” he said. A big factor in this timeline will be how long it takes to get the flu under control.”

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Jada Thompson, University of Arkansas

“High Egg Prices Plague Consumers,Businesses”

By: KNWA - January 11, 2023

“5% of our suppliers of layers were affected by HPAI. So, it’s about 43 million birds that were out of the system, which means they’re not laying eggs. What we saw was all of them kind of coming together at this high seasonal demand with a lower supply, and what we saw was high prices in the marketplace. I definitely think within the next month we’re going to see a pretty drastic decrease in those prices. The only counter to that is the HPAI is still here.”

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Amit Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology

“Bringing Manufacturing Back to the US Requires Political Will, But Success Hinges On Training American Workers”

By: The Conversation - January 13, 2023

“Supply chain disruptions during COVID-19 brought to light how interdependent nations are when it comes to manufacturing. The inability of the U.S. to produce such needed goods as test kits and personal protective equipment during the pandemic revealed our vulnerabilities as a nation. China’s rise as a global production superpower has further underscored the weaknesses of American manufacturing.”

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David Ortega, Michigan State University

Stateside: Monday, Jan. 9, 2023”

By: Stateside - January 9, 2023

“A Michigan State researcher in food policy talks about why some food items have doubled in price.” (Speaks at minute-mark 0:31)

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Robin Goldstein, University of California, Davis

“Officials Discuss Putting Cap On Number of Marijuana Dispensaries In Northampton”

By: Western Mass News - January 9, 2023

“Local leaders in Northampton met Monday evening to discuss whether or not to put a cap on the number of marijuana dispensaries in the city... It would actually endanger youth and adult health by increasing the proportion of illegal cannabis in the market, and untested contaminants and its unknown potency.” 

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Colin Carter, University of California, Davis
David Ortega,
Michigan State University

“Baked Goods and Cereals Cost 16% More In December. What Gives?”

By: Marketplace - January 12, 2023

“The prices of these staples tend to go up when the price of inputs go up, but they don’t change downward. They’re sticky in terms of moving downward.”

“The ingredients have gone up, and the one I would say the most is eggs,” she said. “At one time, they were 99 cents a dozen, and now they’re close to $4 a dozen. That’s wholesale.”

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Gary Schnitkey, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Carl Zulauf,
The Ohio State University

“A Non-Decreasing Interest Rate Environment and Agriculture"

By: - January 4, 2022

“While these impacts will make the business of agriculture more difficult, rising interest rates likely will only present severe issues to a small number of agricultural firms. The extent of the financial stress created for the industry will depend on how high interest rates increase in the future, and how long they remain at elevated levels.”

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Gregory Graff, Colorado State University
Gregory Perry,
Colorado State University

“From the Music Industry to Space Force"

By: North 40 News - January 12, 2023

We’re intentionally open to students from a wide variety of backgrounds because truly creative and innovative work requires different perspectives. We want a music major and an engineer and an agriculturalist to come together to think about new solutions. Here they’ll learn how to work as a diverse team and bring those complementary skills to the forefront.”

“People who are from all over, but somehow they’ve gravitated into the food space. They may have started a restaurant. They may have a little organic farm growing crops for the farmer‘s market. They have something that’s caused them to migrate into the food space because that’s their love. That’s where they want to be.”

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Steven Deller, University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • "New Business Formation Driving State’s Job Growth"
    By: WisBusiness - January 9, 2023
  • "Moving to Florida Could Save You on Taxes — But Cost More Overall"
    By: Insider - January 4, 2023
  • "Republicans and Gov. Evers Want to End a Business Tax. Can They Agree on How to Do It?"
    By: WKOW - January 10, 2023
  • "Wisconsin Dairy Farms Negatively Impacted by Inflation"
    By: Wisconsin Public Radio - January 12, 2023


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