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Members In the News: January 3, 2023

*Disclaimer - This email is to acknowledge citations of current AAEA members and/or their research in any public media channel. AAEA does not agree nor disagree with the views or attitudes of cited outside publications.

Julian Alston, University of California, Davis
William Masters, Tufts University
Joe Glauber, International Food Policy Research Institute

“Why Shifting Farm Subsidies Won’t Get People to Eat More Vegetables”

By: The Washington Post - December 21, 2022

"A big shift in incentives would, in all likelihood, increase supply somewhat, and that would ripple through our food system"

“Differences in diet quality are driven almost entirely by variation in factors other than retail food prices, and differences in retail food price are mostly driven by factors other than farm policy.”

"Subsidies have very little impact on what people eat."

Read more on: The Washington Post

Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont

"When It Comes to the Vermont Name, Let the Buyer Beware"

By: WCAX - December 14, 2022

“We are known for quality ingredients and quality products. But it’s also that you get to take home a little bit of Vermont back with you. Vermont has the cachet and people are willing to pay more.”

Read more on: WCAX

Alba Collart, Mississippi State University

"2022's Best Cites For Christmas"

By: WalletHub - December 20, 2022

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that household waste can increase by about 25% during the holiday season and that more food reaches landfills than any other material in everyday household waste. When we waste food, we waste the water, energy, fuel, and other resources that were needed to produce and transport it.”

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Wendong Zhang, Cornell University

  • "Floyd County Farmland Value Increases at Slower Pace Than Much of State"
    By: CharlesCityPress - December 19, 2022
  • "Iowa Farmland Values Reach Record Highs"
    By: Omaha World-Herald - December 12, 2022

Xiaoli Etienne, University of Idaho

  • “Next Year's Outlook For Input Costs Mixed, Expert Says”
    By: Capital Press - January 3, 2022
  • “'Tight' Wheat Stocks Will Keep Prices Higher Into 2023, Idaho Professor Says”
    By: Magic Valley - December 14, 2022

David Anderson, Texas A&M University

“Inflationary Challenges Affecting Retail Beef Prices”

By: Feedstuffs- December 21, 2022

“Retail beef prices are lower than a year ago even though the total Consumer Price Index number is 7.1% higher than last year. Retail beef prices have been lower for several months now. And they are lower than last month. However, the level of prices remains high in comparison to the past several decades.”

Read more on: Feedstuffs


Jayson Lusk, Purdue University

“What's the Future of Food and Agriculture? A Purdue University Economist Shares His Thoughts”

By: Echo Press - December 24, 2022

"I think you're almost certain to probably be buying more online. We were already on a trend of buying more food through the internet before the pandemic. Then we really kind of shot up on a whole new level."

Read More On: Echo Press

Laura Kalambokidis, University of Minnesota

"Minnesota Enters 2023 With Low Unemployment and a Challenging Workforce"

By: Local Today - December 31, 2022

" Because we assume such a low unemployment rate, the unemployment rate for the state does not reach an alarming level in our forecast. The state unemployment rate is not expected to rise nearly as much as in previous recessions. It rose to a record high of 10.8% in May 2020 and peaked at 9% during the 2008-2009 recession"

Read More On: Local Today

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