Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Call for papers International Workshop: Assessing the Effects of Non-Tariff Measures: Hype or Hope?

Roma Tre University, Rome (Italy)
7-8 July 2022

Background: During the last 40 years, the usage of Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) has increased rapidly both in quantity and importance.

Governments adopt NTMs for various reasons: with protectionist intent or to address legitimate goals, such as protecting health or safety or the environment.

The effect of NTMs on trade is ambiguous. Some NTMs might positively impact trade, e.g. sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures can contribute to quality upgrading, which could boost trade.

Likewise, some technical barriers to trade (TBTs) such as labelling requirements provide additional information to consumers, potentially shaping consumption patterns and increasing trust, which might be trade-promoting. Conversely, the effect is negative for other types of NTMs, such as quotas and prohibitions, since they exert a significant restrictive and/or distortionary impact on international trade.

The Workshop is open to all scholars working on the topic of NTMs. The goal of the Workshop is to present the state of the art on the measurement and modelling issues regarding the empirical and theoretical assessment of the NTMs impact with special attention to the agri-food sector.

Papers exploring the effects of NTMs primarily on trade, value chains, welfare, industrial organization, and labour markets are particularly welcome.

The Workshop is organized within the H2020 BATModel research project and hosted by the Department of Economics of Roma Tre University in Rome. Participation in the Workshop is free.

Keynote speaker: Lucia Tajoli, Full Professor, Politecnico di Milano.

Scientific Committee: Alessandro Antimiani (European Commission), John Beghin (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), AnneCélia Disdier (Paris School of Economics), Octavio Fernández-Amador (World Trade Institute), Joseph Francois (World Trade Institute), Houssein Guimbard (CEPII), Karine Latouche (INRAE), Alan Matthews (Trinity College ), Silvia Nenci (Roma Tre University), Luca Salvatici (Roma Tre University), Ana Isabel Sanjuan (CITA), Fabio Gaetano Santeramo (University of Foggia), Achim Vogt (World Trade Institute), Terrie Walmsley (University of Southern California).

Organizing Committee: UNIROMA3 Research Unit: Ilaria Fusacchia, Anna Giunta, Mara Giua, Silvia Nenci, Luca Salvatici, Cristina Vaqueiro.

Policy roundtable: Iuri Aganetto (EU Commission), Maximo Torero (Food and Agriculture Organization), David Laborde (International Food Policy Institute), Hiau Looi Kee (The World Bank), UNCTAD (tbc), WTO (tbc).

Venue: We expect the Workshop to take place face-to-face in Rome (Italy), at the Department of Economics, Roma Tre University, Via Silvio D'Amico 77. However, given the pandemic, we will monitor the situation and communicate further details in due course.

Important dates:
• 31 March 2022: Deadline for submission of papers/extended abstracts. They should be submitted to
• 29 April 2022: Notification of acceptance to authors
• 15 June 2022: Deadline for submission of full papers/presentations

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