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Members in the News: Batabyal, Hagerman, Balasubramanya, Charlton, Lusk, Mintert, Ridley, Devadoss, Paulson, Schnitkye, Sumner, Coble, Ward, et al.

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology

Can a future ban on gas-powered cars work? An economist explains

By: The Conversation - January 5, 2021

The U.S. transportation sector is one of the largest contributors of carbon dioxide, the potent driver of climate change.

Transportation accounts for about 28% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and, since 1990, emissions in this sector have increased more than in any other area.

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Amy Hagerman, Oklahoma State University

Safety net programs: Survey markets before making selection

By: Southwest Farm Press - December 29, 2020

“The current re-election and enrollment period goes until March 15, 2021, so there is plenty of time to survey the markets and think about whether a farm needs price protection or revenue protection,” said Amy Hagerman, OSU Department of Agricultural Economics. “This may prove particularly beneficial for Oklahoma producers who have wheat base acres enrolled in the safety net programs.”

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Soumya Balasubramanya, International Water Management Institute

Sink or swim? An historic year of floods in Asia

By: Devex - December 10, 2020

“When people migrate in Asia, they're more likely to end up staying in parts of the city that are not planned, areas that also tend to get flooded,” said Soumya Balasubramanya, research group leader for economics at IWMI. “More people moving to the cities essentially means more people who are vulnerable to these sorts of disasters.”

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Diane Charlton, Montana State University
Jayson Lusk, Purdue University

COVID-19 Risk, Unemployment Rates Lowers Number Of Migrant Workers

By: NPR - January 7, 2021

High unemployment rates decrease the demand for H-2A workers. Diane Charlton, a professor of agricultural economics at Montana State University, says a 1% increase in a state’s unemployment rate is associated with a 5% decrease in demand for H-2A workers.

Jayson Lusk, a professor of agricultural economics at Purdue University, says areas with farmworkers were hit harder by the coronavirus. He says COVID-19 could continue to affect migrant farmworkers this year. 

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James Mintert, Purdue University

  • AgriTalk - January 6, 2021
    By: AgriTalk - January 6, 2021
  • Farmer Sentiment Rises as Income Prospects Improve
    By: WBIW - January 6, 2021

William Ridley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Stephen Devadoss, Texas Tech University

How Produce Farmers are Feeling the Effects of the Pandemic

By: Perishable News & The Buffalo News - December 18, 2020

In the new article "The Effects of COVID-19 on Fruit and Vegetable Production" William Ridley from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Stephen Devadoss from Texas Tech University explore COVID-19's effects on fruit and vegetable production in light of the ongoing and widespread proliferation of the pandemic in the farm labor force.

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Nick Paulson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Gary Schnitkye, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

IFES 2020: Farm Program and Crop Insurance Decisions for 2021

By: - January 7, 2021

For the 2021 crop year, producers will once again be making an enrollment decision between the Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs as part of the 2018 Farm Bill.  In 2019, producers made enrollment decisions which covered the 2019 and 2020 crop years.  The 2021 decision will be for the 2021 crop year only, with a deadline of March 15th 2021.

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Daniel Sumner, University of California, Davis

How to View Lower Almond Prices

By: California Ag Today - January 6, 2021

Lower prices should help move them quickly around the world, said Dan Sumner a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, and the director of the UC Agricultural Issues Center at UC Davis. He thinks that lower price of almonds will not last long, but in the meantime, it'll help move the crop around the world---a hungry world for almonds!

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Keith Coble, Mississippi State University

Despite challenges, ag industry surpasses 2019 with $7.35 billion value

By: News Mississippi - December 28, 2020

“We did some midyear analysis on June 1, and the economic picture for farm products looked pretty bleak,” Keith Coble, head of the Mississippi State University Department of Agricultural Economics, said. “We went through unprecedented losses early to midyear, but markets have generally improved in the latter portion of the year.”

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Barry Ward, The Ohio State University

Farm Office Live winter edition!

By: Ohio's Country Journal - December 29, 2020

“Farm Office Live” returns virtually this winter as an opportunity for you to get the latest outlook and updates on ag law, farm management, ag economics, farm business analysis and other related issues from faculty and educators with the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University.

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Vincent Smith, Montana State University

New Farm Subsidies Helpful, But Not Perfect, Montana Farm Bureau Says

By: Montana Public Radio - January 6, 2021

According to Jim Mintert, director of the Center for Commercial Agriculture at Purdue University and a professor and extension economist in its Department of Agricultural Economics, total corn exports were up 61% this year over last year, with China accounting for 85% of that increase.

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Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University

Statewide rise in Iowa farmland values reflected locally

By: Telegraph Herald - December 26, 2020

The report by Wendong Zhang, an assistant professor in economics and extension economist at Iowa State, showed the statewide average value per acre rising from $7,432 in 2019 to $7,559 in 2020.

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Evert Van der Sluis, South Dakota State University

S.D. farmers could see high income levels, thanks to COVID-19 subsidies

By: Aberdeen News - January 4, 2021

While direct farm payments were common from the late 1990s until about 2009, federal institutions have largely switched to crop insurance programs to support farmers in a more sustainable fashion, Evert Van der Sluis, a professor of agricultural economics at South Dakota State University, said.

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Keith Coble, Mississippi State University
Josh Maples, Mississippi State University

Despite challenges, 2020 ag increased in value in state

By: The Lee County Courier The Neshoba Democrat - December 19, 2020

“We did some midyear analysis on June 1, and the economic picture for farm products looked pretty bleak,” Coble said. “We went through unprecedented losses early to midyear, but markets have generally improved in the latter portion of the year.”

Josh Maples, an agricultural economist with the MSU Extension Service, said poultry took a hit from COVID-19-related issues and dropped 16% in value. But row crops were strong, posting a combined $2.6 billion estimated value.

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James Mintert, Purdue University
Nathanael Thompson,
 Purdue University

Purdue Center for Commercial Ag to Host Free Outlook Webinar

By: WBIW - January 4, 2021

“To kick off 2021, our first webinar of the year will review information released in the January USDA reports and take a look at what the year ahead may have in store,” said James Mintert, professor and director of the Center for Commercial Agriculture. “Carryover crop supplies have tightened considerably, and concerns exist regarding South America’s harvest. Michael Langemeier, Nathanael Thompson, and I will review updated information from USDA and other sources and discuss strategies to consider for 2021.”


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