Monday, March 2, 2020

Members in the News: Llewelyn, Zhang, Grant, Gale, Mark, Mitchell, Thilmany McFadden, Smith, Davis, Jaenicke, and Taylor

Richard Llewelyn, Kansas State University
Deadline quickly approaches for growers
By: High Plains Journal - February 23, 2020
Marketing Year Average prices are used to determine payments for both programs. MYA prices are national prices determined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and are based on monthly prices received by farmers throughout a marketing year weighted by the monthly sales for the commodity, according to Rich Llewelyn, an Extension assistant in the Department of Agricultural Economics at K-State.
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Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University

Jason Grant, Virginia Tech
Fred Gale, USDA-Economic Research Service
China experts talk trade conflict impacts, diversification
By: BakingBusiness - February 21, 2020
“Bread comes first,” an ancient Chinese idiom, shows the value China places on food security, said Professor Jason Grant of Virginia Tech. But that maxim faces complications as “China’s continuing urbanization, increasing household earnings and growing economies create an imbalance between agricultural resource availability and growing demand among its consumers.”
Fred Gale, Ph.D., an economist with the Economic Research Service who has first-hand knowledge of the subject matter following numerous trips to China, detailed China’s push to establish an “agricultural silk road.”
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Tyler Mark, University of Kentucky
Paul Mitchell, University of Wisconsin
Dawn Thilmany McFadden, Colorado State University
Program offers perspectives on hemp in North America
By: Wisconsin State Farmer - February 26, 2020
Like many other states, Wisconsin has experienced an explosion of interest in growing hemp – some from farmers looking for an alternative enterprise and some from first-time growers without a farming background.
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Aaron Smith, University of California, Davis
Decreases in air pollution result in surplus of $1.60 billion annually for corn and soybeans
By: Ohio's Country Journal - February 26, 2020
In a recent study, Metaxoglou and his colleague, Prof. Aaron Smith of UC Davis, quantified the crop yield increases attributed to the recent reductions in the emissions of NOx from power plants in the U.S. They found that the average corn yield increased by 2.5% and soybean yield by 1.6% over an eight-year period from 2003 to 2011.
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Alison Davis, University of Kentucky
Reimagining Main Street
By: Smiley Pete Publishing - February 21, 2020
“We come in as a team, which is really a fundamental shift in how community and economic development is done in Kentucky,” said Alison Davis, CEDIK’s executive director, who has led the agency since it was launched by UK 10 years ago. “The reason why CEDIK has been a useful resource is because no one person has the same background as any other. And when you have people who are community designers and artists, they can get really creative.”
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Edward Jaenicke, The Pennsylvania State University
Food waste fight: Households produce largest percentage of waste
By: The Daily Item -
"Our findings are consistent with previous studies, which have shown that 30-to-40 percent of the total food supply in the United States is uneaten — and that means that resources used to produce the uneaten food, including land, energy, water and labor, are wasted as well," said Edward Jaenicke, professor of agricultural economics in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State.
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Mykel Taylor, Kansas State University
Ag financial downturn taking toll on farmer mental health
By: Hays Post - February 24, 2020
Dr. Mykel Taylor, associate professor at K-State, specializing in agricultural economics, set the stage for the conference by explaining one of the most significant stressors in the ag culture — money.
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