Thursday, February 27, 2020

Evaluating Consumer Food Waste Reduction Interventions: Authors Share Their Recent Research Findings

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Please register at (free event)
  • Option 1: Attend via ZOOM:
  • Option 2: Attend in person: Room 140, Pfahl Hall at the Blackwell Inn, 280 W Woodruff Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

The Webinar will be presented by local, national, and international researchers, followed by small group breakout sessions for the in person audience.

At 5:30pm, attendees will be invited to walk to Chemical & Biological Engineering and Chemistry (CBEC) Building, Room 130, 134-140 W Woodruff Ave, Columbus, OH 43210 for “Mitigating Food Waste: An Expert Panel Discussion.”
This panel will feature local and national leaders working to reduce food waste.

Registration is free due to generous funding by the Pollock Fund.

2:30 Welcome, Brian Roe, Ohio State
2:35 “Reduce Food Waste, Save Money”: Testing a Novel Intervention to Reduce Household Food Waste, Presenter: Paul van der Werf, AET Group Inc. & Western U. Organizer Synopsis: A rigorous evaluation of an intervention to reduce household food waste in London, Ontario.
2:50 Food Waste Reduction: A Test of Three Consumer Awareness Interventions Presenter: Virginia Maclaren, Dept. Geography & Planning, U. Toronto
Organizer Synopsis: A rigorous evaluation of several household food waste reduction interventions, including an education intervention leveraging gamification.
3:05 Estimating Consumer-Level Food Loss Ratios Using Purchase and Consumption Data Presenter: Mary Muth, Director, Food, Nutrition, & Obesity Policy Research, RTI Int.,
Organizer Synopsis: Explores methods to construct the best food waste estimates out of existing USDA data sets that were not designed to measure food waste.
3:20 Healthy Planet, Healthy Youth: A Food Systems Education and Promotion Intervention to Improve Adolescent Diet Quality and Reduce Food Waste Presenter: Melissa Pflugh Prescott, Dept. of Food Science & Human Nutrition, U. Illinois
Organizer Synopsis: A rigorous evaluation of a well-constructed, multi-phase, school-based intervention that targets both food waste and improved nutrition.
3:35 Impact of Plate Shape and Size on Individual Food Waste in a University Dining Hall setting.  Presenter: Brenna Ellison, Dept. of Agr. & Consumer Economics, U. Illinois Organizer Synopsis: An assessment of whether switching to oval plates can provide another nudge to reduce plate waste in food service settings.
3:50 The Effect of Sell-by Dates on Purchase Volume and Food Waste, Presenter: Yang Yu, Dept. of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology, Penn State Organizer Synopsis: The authors’ analysis leverages a date-labeling policy change in New York City to reveal the power of the package date on the amount of milk that is wasted by households.
4:05 The Likely Effects of Standardized Date Labeling Presenter: Brian Roe, Dept. of Agr., Env. & Development Economics, Ohio State U.
Organizer Synopsis: An assessment of how changing date label phrases affected intended discard of a range of foods during in-lab and online product evaluations.
4:20 In-Person attendees: Transition to Discussion Groups
5:30 In- Person attendees: Walk to Chemical & Biological Engineering and Chemistry (CBEC) Building, Room 130, 134-140 W Woodruff Ave, Columbus, OH 43210
6:00 Mitigating Food Waste: An Expert Panel Discussion, featuring •             Kari Armbruster, Project Manager, Kroger Zero Hunger | Zero Waste
•             Christy Cook, VP Customer Success, Leanpath
•             Dave Daniel, Director of Food Resource Development, Mid-Ohio Food Bank
•             TJ Kirby, President, OSU Food Recovery Network
•             Lucy Schroder, Food Waste Point, Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio
•             Dr. Brian Roe, Leader, Ohio State Food Waste Collaborative

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