Monday, February 3, 2020

Members in the News: Jaenicke, Glauber, Hubbs, Griffin, Munisamy, Sumner, Smith, Taheripour, Chenarides, Walters, Swinnen, Outlaw, Jansen, Johansson, and Coble

Edward Jaenicke, Pennsylvania State University

Joseph Glauber, IFPRI

Todd Hubbs, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2020 Outlook: Trade, production uncertainty weighs on soybean market
By: Agrinews - January 28, 2020
“Thankfully, we had a 12 million harvested soybean acres drop because we didn’t need it,” Todd Hubbs, University of Illinois agricultural economist, said at the Dec. 18 Illinois Farm Economics Summit.
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Terry Griffin, Kansas State University

Gopinath Munisamy, University of Georgia
Phase One of US-China Trade Deal
By: 11Alive-Atlanta - January 27, 2020
"Nationally, they have been talking about the soybean story. But many commodities that we grow in Georgia have been significantly affected by the trade war. I'll give you an example, cotton. China has been scaling back cotton purchase since 2014 for a variety of reasons, not just the trade war," said Gopinath Munisamy.
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Daniel Sumner, University of California, Davis
Joseph Glauber, IFPRI
Vincent Smith, Montana State University
Philadelphia ‘city slickers’ have received millions in federal farm subsidies over 25 years
By: The Philadelphia Inquirer - January 26, 2020
They don’t milk cows or plant corn, but nearly 900 Philadelphians have collected federal farm subsidies totaling $3.2 million in the last 25 years.
Residents with addresses ranging from Center City to Chestnut Hill receive annual checks, often based on nothing more than their family connections to farms in states far afield from Pennsylvania, according to an Inquirer analysis of U.S. Department of Agriculture data obtained by two organizations: Environmental Working Group (EWG), a Washington, D.C., nonprofit and advocacy group, and American Transparency, an Illinois public charity.
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Farzad Taheripour, Purdue University
Purdue Researchers Find US Biofuels Responsible for Fraction of Deforestation
By: Progressive Farmer - January 27, 2020
Farzad Taheripour, a research associate professor of agricultural economics, and the late Wallace Tyner, who was the James and Lois Ackerman Chair in Purdue's Department of Agricultural Economics, published their results in the journal Biotechnology for Biofuels.
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Lauren Chenarides, Arizona State University
Dollar Stores: Friend or Foe?
By: Arizona Food Industry Journal - January 20, 2020
"During the summer of 2015, I was traveling with my family to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our destination was the Cap Hatteras KOA, which sits on a thin strip of land, miles off the shores of North Carolina, nestled between two sleepy beach towns - Rodanthe and Waves. We arrived late in the afternoon when we realized we needed to take a trip to the grocery store."
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Cory Walters, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Farm survival using insurance and marketing
By: Star-Herald - January 27, 2020
“Decision making is about farm survival viewed through the lens of the decision maker,” said seminar presenter, Cory Walters, UNL Agriculture Economics Department, Lincoln. Insurance and good marketing strategies must be part of a farmer’s decision making, Walters expressed.
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Johan Swinnen, University of Leuven
Global Forum for Food and Agriculture beendet
By: PressePortal, FinanzNachrichten, Ad Hoc, BankKaufman, & - January 19, 2020
IFPRI Director General Johan Swinnen who attended the forum stated that African countries are getting better at meeting EU standards.

Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M University
Not much change in crop prices going into 2020
By: Hometown Stations - January 24, 2020
“I tell everyone that we are in “No Man’s Land” with prices. Not good enough to make much money, but not good enough to trigger a lot of payments, so we are in the middle,” says Dr. Joe Outlaw, Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M. “The future looks like we are going to be flat, so people need to understand when they get marketing opportunities, grab them.”
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Jim Jansen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Webinar Series Addresses Land Management Issues
By: KTIC Radio - January 27, 2020
The webinars are led by Jim Jansen and Allan Vyhnalek, who are both in the Department of Agricultural Economics. Jansen focuses on agricultural finance and land economics, as well as the direction of the annual Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Survey and Report.
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Robert Johansson, USDA-Office of the Chief Economist
State’s ag exports expected to increase this year
By: WGAU Radio - January 28, 2020
Robert Johansson serves as Chief Economist at the Department of Agriculture (USDA). As Chief Economist, he is responsible for the Department's agricultural forecasts and projections and for advising the Secretary of Agriculture on economic implications of alternative programs, regulations, and legislative proposals.
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Keith Coble, Mississippi State University
Iowa State survey shows farm owners make small increases in conservation
By: Red Hills MS News - January 2020
Keith Coble, professor and head of MSU’s Department of Agricultural Economics, is a selection for the Southern Agricultural Economics Association Lifetime Achievement award. According to its website, the mission of the Southern Agricultural Economics Association, or SAEA, is to foster the study and understanding of agricultural economics and its applications to address problems in the southern U.S.
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