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Members in the News: Smith Evans, Anderson, Minert, Funk, Foltz, Thilmany McFadden, Hill, Griffin, and AAEA

*Agricultural & Applied Economics Association
Katherine Smith Evans, Washington Area Representative
USDA to release rule to crack down on SNAP eligibility
By: Politico and Omaha World Herald - July 23, 2019
“It’s really sad,” Katherine Smith Evans, a former administrator for ERS, said during remarks, as she got choked up. “I think it’s a fait accompli.”
Read more on: Politico and Omaha World Herald

David Anderson, Texas A&M University
Brisket prices are rising. Here's why it's happening.
By: Houston Business Journal - July 22, 2019
David Anderson, an agricultural economics professor and AgriLife Extension economist at Texas A&M University, said he and others anticipate a record amount of total meat production in the U.S. in 2019.
He said briskets, bacon, chicken wings and hamburgers have shown particular strength in recent years, according to an article published by The Eagle, a newspaper in Bryan, Texas.
“For the particular cuts of briskets, demand is really skyrocketing because of, I think, the growth of barbecue restaurants,” Anderson told The Eagle. “What we are seeing is an increase in prices because of that demand, even though the supply is growing.”
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Jim Minert, Purdue University
Sam Funk, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation
Exporting U.S. Ag Is Big Business
By: Tri-State Livestock News - July 17, 2019
Dr. Jim Minert, professor and Extension economist at Purdue University, says the challenge in the ag industry over the recent half decade is that decreased commodity prices have not been met with a drop in key input prices, especially cash lease and purchase price of land. Farmers have had to dip into cash supplies to sustain living operations. “From a long run perspective, this isn’t sustainable – you can’t keep pulling working capital down.”
Dr. Sam Funk is director of agriculture analytics and research for the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. He says agriculture has always been cyclical in nature, but these times have been very challenging. “We see a lot of producers drawing from long term equity, utilizing expenses that are long term in nature,” Funk says. “We’re trying to pay last year’s debts by selling assets or borrowing against them.”
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Jeremy Foltz, University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.S. in Agricultural and Applied Economics offers new professional certification
By: Wisconsin State Farmer - July 22, 2019
“Agricultural and Applied Economics’ rigorous training featuring both hard and soft skills will equip students with the necessary skills to compete for jobs in economic consulting, business, agribusiness, nonprofit organizations focused on development, and governmental sectors,” says Jeremy Foltz, chair of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “The CBE certification will validate these competencies and signal the students’ commitment to stay up to date with the latest developments in economic analysis.”
Read more on: Wisconsin State Farmer

Dawn Thilmany McFadden, Colorado State University
Rebecca Hill, Colorado State University
CSU Launches Graduate Certificate in Agritourism Management
By: Drovers - July 19, 2019
“Colorado is at the intersection of how tourism and agriculture can be blended to attract those interested in reconnecting with their food, Western heritage or our abundant natural resources, said Rebecca Hill, a research scientist in the College of Agricultural Sciences and an instructor in the program. “This certificate highlights best practices for people to do so effectively.”
“Tourism is a strong and growing industry, particularly in Colorado,” said Dawn Thilmany, a professor in the College of Agricultural Sciences who has managed research and outreach in agritourism — before it was known by that name — for over a decade. “Yet, we have too few educational and professional development opportunities for those who want to thoughtfully and authentically integrate agritourism into their farm or community’s development plans. We believe these needs are even more acute in rural areas struggling to find an economic driver well suited to the 21stcentury.”
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Terry Griffin, Kansas State University
Making "Cents" of Blockchain Technology
By: High Plains Journal - July 24, 2019
Terry Griffin is an associate professor in Kansas State University's Department of Agricultural Economics. Griffin’s Research and Extension programs have been focused on “big data” and how it might help farmers capture more value from their efforts. Part of that big data conversation is blockchain technology and how it can benefit growers up and down the grain chain. Griffin will help wheat and sorghum producers make "cents" of blockchain technology.
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*Agricultural & Applied Economics Association
Conference Circuit: Agriculture and Economics
By: Associations Now - July 19, 2019
The Agricultural and Applied Economics Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting begins this weekend in Atlanta. Attendance is expected to top 1,400.
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*Agricultural & Applied Economics Association
USDA Faces Exodus of Scientists as Employees Are Forced to Move to Kansas City
By: Fortune Media - July 19, 2019
Even the estimated savings have come under question. An analysis by the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association found that the relocation would actually cost taxpayers between $83 and $182 million. This is due in part to an overstating of the cost of remaining in D.C. and “failing to take into account the lost value of research from staffers who resign or retire rather than move.”
Read more on: Fortune Media

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