Monday, July 22, 2019

Members in the News: Doherty, Grant, and Zhang

Mike Doherty, Illinois Farm Bureau
How hostile planting conditions are hurting Illinois farmers
By: Crain’s Chicago Business - July 11, 2019
Downstate Illinois saw a delay in the planting of corn when farmers normally would have planted by now, said Mike Doherty, a senior economist and policy analyst at the Illinois Farm Bureau. "When corn is delayed, the risk of ending up with lower yields goes up quite a bit," Doherty said.
That delay is pushing up the corn planting crop date right up against the soybean date, he continued. "Farmers for the first time are planting soybeans first. They are experimenting due to the rain and the cold weather.”
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Jason Grant, Virginia Tech
Spring flooding in Midwest will begin to unclog America's soybean backup
By: UPI - July 15, 2019
"If you have a whole bunch of soybeans with no market for them it pushes prices down," said Jason Grant, a professor of agricultural and applied economics at Virginia Tech.
With the trade war dragging on, economists predicted America's soy stockpile to grow even larger come fall harvest time, sending prices even lower, Grant said.
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Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University
Exporting U.S. Ag Is Big Business
By: Successful Farming - July 15, 2019
The tariff situation has exposed the strategic misunderstandings between the two governments, says Wendong Zhang, Extension economist at Iowa State University. Zhang grew up in the Shandong province and has been working in the U.S. for the past decade. “Farmers need to understand the rapid changes taking place in China, both in agriculture and the general economy,” he says.
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