Monday, August 28, 2017

Members in the News: Moschini, Lapan, Kim, Ernst, Keuthe, Colen, Swinnen, Parman, Giri, and Berning

AAEA Member in the NewsAAEA Member in the News

GianCarlo Moschini, Harvey Lapan, and Hyunseok Kim,
Iowa State University

New study Shows Renewable Fuels Generates Substantial Benefits to the US Economy

By: The Auto Channel, DTNPF, Ethanol Producer, The Hill- August 2017
A new economic modeling study that will soon be published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics finds that the Renewable Fuel Standard has substantially benefited the U.S. economy by lowering gasoline and crude oil prices, cutting crude oil imports, adding value to U.S.-produced agricultural commodities, and reducing U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Read the entire article on The Auto Channel, DTNPF, Ethanol Producer, The Hill

Stan Ernst, Pennsylvania State University

Farm Science Review to enshrine Ernst, McFarland

By: Farm and Dairy - August 18, 2017
Stan Ernst and Louis McFarland will be inducted into the Farm Science Review’s Hall of Fame during the agricultural exposition Sept. 19-21.
The two will join the 75 individuals who have been recognized for their contribution to and support of the Review since its inception 55 years ago.
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Todd Kuethe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Experts predict downward shift in agriculture industry

By: Fox 55 - August 17, 2017
Todd Kuethe, at the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois, said, "[Farmlands make] up about 80% of the balance sheet, so about 80% of the total net worth of farms is actually in farmlands, and so it's a huge store of wealth, but it's also used as collateral in borrowing."
Read the entire article on Fox 55

Liesbeth Colen and Johan Swinnen, University of Leuven

Around the world, beer consumption is falling

By: The Economist - June 13, 2017
Beer-drinking patterns also change as countries grow richer. In a study in 2016, Liesbeth Colen and Johan Swinnen of the University of Leuven examined the effects of income growth and globalisation on beer consumption in 80 countries between 1961 and 2009. They found that as GDP per person increased in poorer countries, beer became more popular. But when it reached around $27,000 per person, consumption began to fall again, probably as people became more aware of the dangers alcohol poses to health. Consumers may also start to opt for more expensive drinks, such as wine, once they can afford them. And beer consumption rises as countries become more globalised, the authors found. When international drinks companies move in, punters may find a new favourite tipple.
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Bryon Parman, Mississippi State University

Farmland sales stagnant into 2017, rents trending downward

By: Delta Farm Press - August 20, 2017
Row crop, pasture, and timberland sales values in the survey are for tracts where the highest and best use has not changed from agriculture, according to Dr. Bryon Parman, assistant Extension professor of agricultural economics, who compiled the report. “The values do not include agricultural land that has been sold with the intent of being developed for a different purpose.”
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Anil Giri, University of Central Missouri

University professor participates in rural transportation study

By: Daily Star Journal - July 26, 2017
Anil Giri, assistant professor of agriculture at the University of Central Missouri, recently participated as a member of a multidisciplinary team of researchers examining economic issues associated with providing transportation for the elderly and other disadvantaged populations in rural areas.
Read the entire article on Daily Star Journal

Joshua Berning, University of Georgia

What's Cookin' Today

By: CRN Digital Talk Radio - August 23, 2017
Joshua Berning was interviewed on CRN Digital Talk Radio, on the What's Cookin' Today show. Wednesday's show was on Craft Beer Trends. This interview was based off of the "Can the Craft Beer Industry Tap into Collective Reputation?" article from Choices Magazine. Joshua's interview takes place from 27:50-35:30.
Read the entire article on CRN Digital Talk Radio

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