Monday, August 21, 2017

Members in the News: Deller, Novakovic, Hernandez, Zhang, Ahmed, Belton, Hu, and Reardon

Steven C. Deller, University of Wisconsin

Analysis: Foxconn considers another plant in Midwest, but at what cost?

By: USA Today- August 8, 2017

"Throwing money into incentives makes a slippery slope," Steve Deller, a professor of agriculture and applied economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "(People) get so wrapped up in the winning game, in the headline of 'we got it' that they lose sight (of the) pretty steep price. Hard to say because we don't know what the package looks like."

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Andrew Novakovic, Cornell University

Short Takes: Dairy study, Ag Progress Days, land conservation

By: Berks Country - August 16, 2017

Andrew Novakovic and Mark Stephenson will discuss preliminary findings from the Pennsylvania Dairy Industry Study and have invited dairy producers and industry representatives to give input and observations.

Novakovic is E.V. Baker professor of agricultural economics and director of land grant programs at Cornell University's Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. Stephenson is director of dairy policy analysis at the University of Wisconsin.

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Ricardo Hernandez, Xiaobo Zhang, and Akhter Ahmed,
Ben Belton, Chaoran Hu, and Tom Reardon,
Michigan State University

Fish revolution

By: The Daily Star - August 9, 2017

Ricardo Hernandez (IFPRI), led, along with Ben Belton, Chaoran Hu, and Tom Reardon of MSU and Xiaobo Zhang and Akhter Ahmed IFPRI, a major value aquaculture value chain study in Bangladesh. The article and the work has been widely cited in six Bangladesh newspapers, including by the main paper The Daily Star (August 9, 2017), with excerpt: “With a 25-fold growth in farmed fish market over the last three decades, Bangladesh has been experiencing a quiet revolution in aquaculture… Hernandez said, “What really surprised me  about these findings was the extent of the growth in many sectors, not just in production but also in many off-farm segments, such as rural and urban traders, input dealers and feed mills.”

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