Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NC-1177 Annual Meeting and Call for Papers

Meeting dates for the 2014 annual meeting of the NC-1177 have been set. The meeting of the NC-1177 Agricultural and Rural Finance Markets in Transition will be held October 16-17, 2014 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Part of the meeting will be held in conjunction with the National Agricultural Credit Committee and involve discussions of current issues in agricultural finance. 

Call for Papers

NC-1177 Agricultural and Rural Finance Markets in Transition
The NC-1177 executive committee is currently seeking contributed papers for the selected paper sessions in the area of agricultural and rural finance markets. Papers that fit the committee’s four research objectives are highly encouraged. The objectives are:
  • Investigate capital structure, financial performance, and investment strategies of firms producing renewable energy in context of long term climate change. Implications of these findings for agriculture and rural communities will be delineated.
  • Identify financial institutions and services that benefit farmers and rural communities and expand agricultural markets, promote growth and trade in developing countries.
  • Examine the impact of recent fluctuations in capital and commodity markets on the financial performance, credit availability, real estate values, and capital structure of farms, agribusinesses, and lenders in urban and rural communities.
  • Evaluate the management strategies, capital needs, and policy impacting the financial performance and long-term sustainability of firms in the food and agribusiness sector.
The NC-1177 executive committee and NACC are also seeking extension oriented presentations to be presented during the joint sessions. For consideration for the joint sessions, presentations will need to address one of the following topics:
  • Policy outlook
  • Risk management
  • Water issues
  • Income and asset values
  • Data issues
  • Loan repayment and debt issues
For contributed papers, please submit the title, author(s), and a short one or two page abstract to Todd Kuethe tkuethe@illinois.edu by Friday, August 1, 2014.
For further information about NC-1177 or the annual meeting, please contact a member of the executive committee: Mindy Mallory mallorym@illinois.edu, Todd Kuethe tkuethe@ers.usda.gov, Ryan Larson ryan.larson@ndsu.edu or Joleen Hadrich joleen.hadrich@colostate.edu.

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