Friday, November 8, 2013

Call for Nominations: 2014 AAEA Awards

The AAEA Awards Program recognizes excellence in the work of agricultural and applied economics. The Awards Committee, chaired by Jeffrey Dorfman of the University of Georgia, welcomes nominations for all award categories. Specific details on the criteria used to judge each award, as well as instructions on how to submit nominations for the award are available below.
The selection process for each award is administered by a subcommittee. The chairperson of each subcommittee receives all nominations and administers the review process. The chairperson will eliminate any conflicts of interest with members of the subcommittee during the evaluation process.
The deadline for nominations is February 3, 2014. All nomination materials shall be submitted via e-mail as a PDF file to the AAEA Business Office at


Except for the Publication of Enduring Quality Award, only one AAEA award can be received for essentially the same work. It is the nominator's responsibility to assure that no AAEA award (other than Master's thesis or PhD dissertation award) has already been received for the nominated work. Should a nomination be selected for more than one award in the same year (e.g. Journal Article and Research Discovery), the awardee(s) will be permitted to choose which award is received.
No member of the executive board—elected, appointed, or ex-officio—is eligible to participate as a principal recipient in competition for awards. The exclusion does not preclude participation if (s)he is a junior participant with respect to other(s) for whom exclusion from participation clearly would be a handicap.

Awards Criteria

Please consult the pages below to find specific information pertaining to each award.

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