Thursday, April 12, 2012

Employment Center Connects Applicants with Employers in Seattle

The Annual Meeting Employment Center is an online and on-site resource for employers to connect with applicants on specific open positions. Both applicants and employers can register today and post their information online. Registrants will be able to connect with each other online before the Annual Meeting, then meet and discuss the opening in person while in Seattle.

The Annual Meeting Employment Center is not a job fair. It is an opportunity for employers and applicants to discuss specific open positions. After registering for the Employment Center, applicants will have access to all of the open positions submitted by registered employers, and employers will have access to the employment information of each applicant. Based on this information, employers and applicants can connect regarding a specific position.

All interviews will take place in the Employment Center on-site at the Annual Meeting. To make the most of your time in Seattle, we strongly recommend that interviews be scheduled in advance of arriving at the meeting; however, scheduling interviews on-site is certainly allowed. Please note, AAEA will not be handling the scheduling of interviews.

For more information, check out the Employment Center section of the Annual Meeting website. If you have any questions about the Employment Center, feel free to e-mail Brian Mondragón Jones.


  1. Is there a fee to use the Employment Center?

    1. For an applicant, the registration fee is $25 if you sign up before July 25. Registering will give you access to the open positions submitted by the employers and will allow you the opportunity meet with them at the on-site employment center in Seattle. You can learn more here:

      If you're looking for a free alternative, check out AAEA's Career Opportunities section. It lets you browse open positions for free, and is available year-round. You can access Career Opportunities by visiting