Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Your Chance to Nominate Someone for the AAEA Board

Have you ever wanted to see a colleague or friend serve as one of the leaders of AAEA? We're now accepting nominations for the positions on the AAEA Executive Board. Nominations can be for the position of President-Elect or Director (where there are two open positions).

Your nomination will be sent to the AAEA Nominating Committee, who will combine all the suggestions they receive with the suggestions collected from the Executive Board election ballot and all write-in candidates from the last election. From this pool of nominees, the committee will select two candidates for each open position, to be on the ballot in the next election.

If chosen, the nominees received from this call will be on the ballot in the 2011 Executive Board election in April 2011. The winning candidates will serve on the Executive Board from 2011–2013.

To submit a nomination, send an e-mail with the name and affiliation of the person you are nominating to Kristin@aaea.org. Nominations must be received by Monday, October 4, 2010.

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