Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Members in the News: May 28, 2024

 Andrew Stevens, University of Wisconsin–Madison

UW Madison Expert Weighs in on Target’s Grocery Items Price Drop
By: WMTV – May 20, 2024

Bird Flu Causing Food Price Spike?
By: abc12 – May 16, 2024

Meat Prices Continue to Rise As We Near Time For Summer Cookouts
By: WAOW – May 22, 2024

Colin Andre Carter, University of California, Davis
Sandro Steinbach,
North Dakota State University

Are We on the Brink of a New Trade War with China?

By: Morning Ag Clips – May 21, 2024

“The impact on import tariffs for non-agricultural sectors would be even larger, with the average import tariff going up from 3.9% to 32.5%.”

“Once access to a market is lost, gaining it back is difficult, as the 2018/19 trade war has shown.”

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Matthew Holt, Virginia Tech

Matthew Holt Named Dean of Clemson’s CAFLS

By: Morning Ag Clips – May 23, 2024

“My enthusiasm for this role is sky-high. The ability to provide students with meaningful learning experiences, conduct and report on pathbreaking research and be of service to communities and stakeholders in South Carolina as dean of the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences is one of the most exciting and unique opportunities in the nation.”

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Joseph Balagtas, Purdue University

Why Experts Say Inflation is Relatively Low But Voters Feel Differently

By: The Publics Radio – May 24, 2024

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics just two weeks ago released its latest inflation data from the Consumer Price Index [CPI]. Food prices in March were 2.2 percent higher than they were in March 2023. So a 2.2 percent increase in food prices over the past year.”

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Dewey Robertson, Purdue University

A Better U.S.-Mexico Trade Relationship Is Coming, Ag Economist Predicts

By: Ag Web – May 24, 2024

“Since 2020, “the executive decree has been modified multiple times, pushing back its effective date and narrowing the definition of GM corn in the human food system.”

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Brittney Goodrich, University of California, Davis

New UC Study Estimates Costs for Growing Coastal Organic Strawberries

By: Morning Ag Clips – May 27, 2024

“This study provides growers with a baseline to estimate their own costs, which can help when applying for production loans, projecting labor costs, securing market arrangements, or understanding costs associated with water and nutrient management and regulatory programs.”

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Simon Somogyi, Texas A&M University

Grilling Season Kicks Off With High But Stable Meat Prices

By: Southern Livestock – May 27, 2024

“Prices continue to remain near historic highs, but market trends are showing lower retail costs for consumers compared to last year. Consumers should expect a price spike as the Memorial Day holiday weekend kicks off grilling season that typically peaks with Fourth of July celebrations. Prices may spike and fluctuate that first month of grilling season due to higher demand from people eating at restaurants and cooking out at home. But prices should stabilize after that.”

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