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Members in the News: April 8, 2024

Amit Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology

The Education Level of Disabled Veterans Greatly Affects Their Children’s Schooling

By: Medium – April 2, 2024

“There is an elaborate bureaucracy in the United States to assist disabled veterans in a variety of ways. In Rochester and more generally in Monroe County, New York, there are several organizations that seek to assist disabled veterans with things like job training, health and wellness, and legal counseling.”

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Sungeun Yoon, University of Florida

Florida OJ Industry Weathers Compounding Pressures

By: South Central Florida Life – March 25, 2024

“It was reassuring to observe the relatively constant shares of consumers who purchased OJ in the past 30 days and who have a positive perception of OJ during the inflationary period. This signals the possibility of higher OJ demand once the OJ price level stabilizes.”

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Martin Smith, Duke University

Despite Climate Change, Coastal Property Values Are on the Rise. Researchers Point to Two Reasons

By: WUNC 91.5 – March 29, 2024

"Wealthier and wealthier people continue to move into these [coastal] communities. And that continues to bid up housing prices in the coastal zone, despite the escalating risks that we see. Part of this process is also the tax incentives. And on top of all of that, we're subsidizing the management of beaches and the defense of our shorelines... [which] is propping up those real estate values as well."

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Brian Roe, The Ohio State University

783 Million People Face Chronic Hunger. Yet the World Wastes 19% of Its Food, UN Says

By: CBS 42 – March 27, 2024

“The key takeaway is that reducing the amount of food that is wasted is an avenue that can lead to many desirable outcomes — resource conservation, fewer environmental damages, greater food security, and more land for uses other than as landfills and food production,” said Roe, who wasn’t involved in the report.”

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Joseph Balagtas, Purdue University

Despite Data Suggesting Otherwise, Consumers Believe Food Prices Still Rising Sharply

By: Yahoo! Finance – March 29, 2024

“As anyone who's done any shopping at all in the last few years, prices across the economy have risen. That makes things less affordable, makes it harder to stay within your budget, and just makes life more difficult. Food prices have been no exception."

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Maria Kalaitzandonakes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

What’s a Good Egg? Learn What Free Range, Cage Free Really Mean on Labels

By: Chicago Sun Times – April 2, 2024

“Some labels don't mean anything,. Eggs labeled "natural" don't have any requirements associated with it, and cartons touting no hormones is not a useful label as hormones are not given to egg laying hens.”

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Luyi Han, Pennsylvania State University
Stephan Goetz,
Pennsylvania State University
Zheng Tian,
Pennsylvania State University

Innovation Linked to International Exports for Both Rural and Urban Firms

By: – April 2, 2024

“Our previous work identified key factors that appear to foster innovation within firms. In this study, we wanted to know whether innovation, in turn, might also foster export behavior after controlling for other factors that contribute to export decisions. Our study is the first to examine this question using firm-level data in the U.S., and it provides some much-needed context about the U.S. firms that are active in non-farm export markets.”

“Being competitive in the global market is of national importance, but especially so for rural areas where manufacturing accounts for a much larger share of employment than in urban areas. We found that the influence of innovation was just as strong among rural firms as among their urban counterparts, which suggests that fostering innovation may be one way to enhance export activity among rural firms.”

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Brian Whitacre, Oklahoma State University

End of Internet Subsidies For Low-Income Households Threatens Access to Telehealth

By: Marketplace – April 2, 2024

“A big barrier for this program generally was people don’t know about it. Rural households should be signing up at even higher rates than urban ones because a higher percentage of them are eligible. Yet people found signing up for the program laborious.”

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Steven Deller, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Northland College Contributes Millions to AC’s Economy; Employers Worry About Potential Losses if College Closes"

By: Ashland Daily Press - April 1, 2024

“Northland brings money into the local economy— you’re looking at 2.5% of the county’s economy. Is that a big hole or a little hole— that’s up to locals to decide. A student who lives on campus may have very modest off campus spending, but students who live off campus could spend substantially more. Still, students tend to have limited income, so the level of this spending would be modest."

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Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University

Pork Chops Continue to Be Meat Demand Monitor Wild Card

By: National Hog Farmer – April 4, 2024

“Current consumer demand for pork chops is one of the least well-understood facets of domestic meat demand. While the product is well understood by nutritionists and other experts, exactly how U.S. consumers view and approach pork chops remains worthy of further assessment. While this needs to be cross confirmed, it is very possible that many U.S. residents feel unsure of their ability to comfortably prepare available pork chops at home in a way that confidently leads to a high-quality eating experience. They may alternatively believe chefs at restaurants are better equipped.”

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James Mintert, Purdue University

Farmers Express Optimism In Purdue's Latest Ag Economy Barometer

By: Ag Economy – April 4, 2024

“All of the increase was attributable to people becoming more optimistic about the future. The future expectation index was up five points compared to last month, and that was seven points higher than a year ago. So, it really had to outweigh the fact that the current condition index was actually down a little bit compared to last month and down substantially compared to last year. That was interesting.”

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Jean Claude Bizimana, Texas A&M University
Samuel Zapata,
Texas A&M University
Anthony Baffoe-Bonnie,
Texas A&M University

New Modeling App to Assist Farmers in Forecasting

By: Austin County News - April 4

“We’ll be recruiting farmers for feedback. We’re in the early stages of the project, but we all understand the value a tool like this represents for growers, especially smaller operations, to capitalize on opportunities and avoid major setbacks.”

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Amy Hagerman, Oklahoma State University

Bird Flu Outbreak May Affect Egg Prices

By: Specialty Food News – April 4, 2024

"Any time you have an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in a large poultry producer like this, it has the potential to impact the market, because you're taking a large number of egg-laying birds out of production all at once.”

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Charlotte Janssens, KU Leuven

Coping With Climate Extremes Through Storage and Trade: Evidence From Sub-Saharan Africa

By: Economics That Really Matter – April 4, 024

“I find that in the event of both extreme dry and wet conditions, the likelihood of food insecurity increases, but with heterogeneity across agro-ecological zones. Extreme dry conditions are particularly detrimental in arid zones, while extreme wet conditions are detrimental in humid zones. Next, I investigate whether the impact of climate extremes changes with regions’ market access. I use travel times to the closest city and to the closest port as measures of local and international market access, respectively.”

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