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Members in The News: March 4, 2024

 Amitrajeet Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology

The Usefulness of Mandatory Retirement in Reforming the Supreme Court of the United States

By: Medium – February 24, 2024

“As the highest judicial body in the country, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) plays a pivotal role in interpreting the Constitution and in shaping the legal landscape. In recent years, concerns have been raised about the court’s structure, lifetime appointments, and the political polarization of its justices. While the current system has served the nation well for many years, exploring alternate ways of reforming the SCOTUS is essential to ensure its continued efficacy and legitimacy.”

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Mehdi Nemati, University of California, Riverside

The Good News, Bad News on California’s Water Supplies, Drought After Record Rainfall

By: East Bay Times – February 7, 2024

“Agency efforts to capture more stormwater in storage and groundwater recharge basins have improved in recent years. But when parts of Los Angeles get 75% of their annual rainfall in just two days. There’s only so much water agencies can do to keep up. Also, while California mountains have certainly been getting solid snow, the storm just wasn’t cold enough to build up the massive snowpack the region needs to be insulated against dry months and years to come.”

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Colin Andre Carter, University of California, Davis
Sandro Steinbach,
North Dakota State University

Column: Trumponomics? He Would Impose The Equivalent Of A Huge Tax Hike

By: Los Angeles Times – February 26, 2024

“California almond sales plummeted, and Australian growers rushed in to fill the gap. In a report for the Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics at UC Davis, economists Sandro Steinbach and Colin A. Carter calculated that the episode cost the state’s almond growers about $875 million in lost income.”

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Wendong Zhang, Cornell University
Chad Hart,
Iowa State University

2022 Ag Census: Five Things To Know About Iowa

By: The Gazette – February 14, 2024

“There's a dichotomy regarding which metric you look at. There's a very significant presence of young and new and beginning producers across the nation. However, if you're looking at the land access and landholding that they have, I don't think that you see a whole lot of action there.”

“That tells us that this worry about farm transition is already occurring and we are seeing some of this land transition from the older generation to the younger ones.”

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Madhu Khanna, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Despite Uncertainties, Cellulosic Biofuels Still a Win for Ground Transportation

By: – February 23, 2024

“There are a lot of advantages for perennial feedstocks to decarbonize transportation. We need long-term policy commitments with assured demand for cellulosic biofuels, as well as short-term policy support like tax credits, which could be based on the carbon intensity of biofuels.”

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Trey Malone, University of Arkansas
Jackie Yenerall,
University of Tennessee

Ag Economists Offer Food For Thought To Improve Baby Formula Supply

By: EurekAlert! – February 22, 2024

“The article proposes a strategic rethinking of policies to foster a more competitive and accessible market. The goal is ensuring infant nutrition security. Our collaborative effort has been an enlightening journey, shedding light on the delicate balance between regulation, market competition, and ensuring the availability of essential nutrition for infants.”

“Our article provides a discussion of the potential tradeoffs associated with making permanent changes to three policies and programs that currently influence the infant formula market: import tariffs, Food and Drug Administration regulation, and WIC.”

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Mohammad Nahid Sattar, Michigan State University

Speed Up Adoption Of Low-Cost Farm Machinery: Study

By: Financial Express – February 25, 2024

“Bangladesh has been urged to accelerate the adoption of cost-effective and profitable agricultural machinery among farmers to revolutionise farming practices, according to a recent study. The study has also emphasised the importance of expanding the operations of the Department of Agricultural Extension services to maximise benefits for farmers, advocating for an increase in the allocated budget for this pivotal sector.”

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Jing Liu, Purdue University
Thomas Hertel,
Purdue University
Maksym Chepeliev,
Purdue University
David Johnson,
Purdue University

National Policy Could Benefit Twofold

By: Agri-View – February 25, 2024

“The greatest carbon price in the models reduced U.S. carbon emission by almost 50 percent. Coupled with an increase in nitrogen fertilizer prices, that reduced fertilizer applications by about 15 percent for corn production across the Mississippi River Basin. The team also considered a scenario that restored wetlands in the central U.S. Corn Belt without a climate policy. The farmers in the area grew less corn and applied less fertilizer. But that prompted increased fertilizer applications in the untreated regions, resulting in negative spillover.”

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Rabail Chandio, Iowa State University

Northwest Iowa Farmland Sells For $29,600 Per Acre

By: Successful Farming – February 27, 2024

“With more concentrated livestock operations and manure to manage in this part of the state, the economist notes location may also be a factor at play. This drives higher land prices in the northern parts of Iowa than the southern region.”

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Margaret Jodlowski, The Ohio State University

CFAES Farm Bill Summit Focuses on “Unprecedented Times

By: Morning Ag Clips – February 28, 2024

“I don’t think the delay to the 2024 Farm Bill really surprised any of us. More often than not, Congress is late in the passage of Farm Bills. This is a landmark for a few different reasons. It’s a remarkable sum of money and our first trillion dollar Farm Bill. The number represents a very significant increase from the 2018 Farm Bill cost of $428 billion.”

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Andrew W. Stevens, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Fight Over Potential Grocery Store Merger

By: ABC 12 – March 1, 2024

“UW-Madison's Andrew Stevens provides some perspective on the ongoing battle for Albertson's and Kroger to merge.”

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Maria Marshall, Purdue University

University Receives Grants For Sustainable Agriculture Projects

By: Agri-View – February 29, 2024

“This grant is about looking at sustained multiple shocks. You have climate change that is already affecting different parts of the supply chain, now you add COVID on top of that. And then you add, for example, a train derailment. It’s one thing on top of another on top of another.”

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Cory Walters, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Spring Insurance Prices Tumble

By: Progressive Farmer – February 29, 2024

“It's important for farmers to evaluate their insurance options using their farm's data and risk profile. Trade the market you're in, not the one you want. We don't have those prices from six, eight, 10, 12 months ago. We have to manage today's prices. No one can say for certain what prices will do in 2024, but he said price distribution charts show there's a 5% possibility of $3.40 corn. Do you want to be exposed to that? I'm not saying it will happen, but there's a chance. The most important thing to manage this year is the distribution of outcomes I'm exposed to. I want to get rid of rare, financially devastating events.”

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David Zilberman, University of California, Berkeley

International Symposium Scheduled for March 8"

By: Morning Ag Clips – February 29, 2024

“The conference is organized by Zhuang and Gretchen Neisler, vice provost for international affairs for UT Knoxville, with help from a 12-member committee. A scientific committee is chaired by David Zilberman professor in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department at the University of California, Berkeley, and Brad Day, associate vice chancellor for research innovation initiatives at UT Knoxville.”

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