Monday, November 27, 2023

Members in The News: November 27, 2023


Andrew Stevens, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • "Your Thanksgiving Turkey Will Likely Be Cheaper This Year"
    By: WDJT – November 18, 2023
  • Not Too Late To Shop: Thanksgiving Chefs To Find Lower Turkey Prices This Year"
    By: WMTV - November 20, 2023

Joseph Balagtas, Purdue University

  • "Thanksgiving Dinner Price Down This Year But Still Well Above Pre-COVID Level"
    By: Daily Herald – November 17, 2023
  • Consumer Food Insights Report: Thanksgiving Dinner Tradition Continues
    By: AgriNews - November 20, 2023

Brian Whitacre, Oklahoma State University

"Every State Is About To Dole Out Federal Funding For Broadband Internet – Not Every State Is Ready For The Task"

By: The Conversation - November 20, 2023

"When the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was signed in late 2021, it included US$42.5 billion for broadband internet access as part of the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program. The program aims to ensure that broadband access is available throughout the country. This effort differs from previous federal broadband programs because it promised to allocate the funding to individual states and allow them to figure out the best way to distribute it."

Read more on: The Conversation

Trey Malone, University of Arkansas

"Why Does Oat Milk Cost More Than Dairy Milk?"

By: Marketplace– November 17, 2023

“It’s an exceptionally efficient supply chain. The dairy farms in the United States have been around for a long time. They’ve been working on breeding cows in ways that actually can reduce the cost of production quite a bit. They have very well-established bottling plants, processing plants, etc."

Read more on: Marketplace

Robin Goldstein, University of California, Davis

"Best Bites: Laissez les bon temps rouler: Gombo’s Creole and Cajun Cuisine Greatly Improves The Flavor of Downtown Northampton"

By: Daily Hampshire Gazette – November 17, 2023

"In New Orleans — the sultriest, eeriest, prettiest and drunkest city in America — filigree balconies dangle from creaky old mansions painted in blazing colors. Inside, on every block, their kitchens burst with the blazing flavors of the Gulf Coast."

Read More On: Daily Hampshire Gazette

David Ortega, Michigan State University

The Real Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner In 2023
By: The Hustle – November 21, 2023

Tips To Save Your Wallet As You Shop For Thanksgiving
By: NBC News Grand Rapids – November 20

Talking Turkey: Why The Cost Of The Holiday Dinner Has Risen So Much in Recent Years
By: Washington Examiner – November 20, 2023

Roderick Rejesus, North Carolina State University

Scientists Look For Crops That Help Amid Saltwater Intrusion

By: NPR Charlotte - November 17, 2023

We found that there's essentially a sweet spot for salt-tolerant varieties. Of course the cost of these types of seeds is a little bit higher. But I think the important take-home message from our studies is that it's not a panacea for extreme saltwater intrusion."

Read More On: NPR Charlotte

Robert Craven, University of Minnesota

Local Farmer — And U of M Ag Economist — Lands Prestigious Honor

By: Jackson County Pilot – November 27, 2023

“I’m surprised, honored and humbled to receive this award. Educators that have won this in the past have all been folks I’ve looked up to during my career.”

Read More On: Jackson County Pilot

Dawn Thilmany, Colorado State University

Turkey Is Cheaper, But Inflation Raised Prices Of Other Thanksgiving Fixings

By: Denver Post – November 21, 2023

“Even though turkey’s down, the overall food price inflation is up this year. You’re going to see people probably spend a little less this year than last year. Turkey and eggs are about the only products I can think of that are lower than last year.”

Read More On: Denver Post Or Colorado News Weekly

Jada Thompson, University of Arkansas

Arkansas Ranks Third in U.S. For Turkey Production

By: KARK – November 23, 2023

“They are kind of the sibling, the quieter, the introvert of the poultry world. The chickens get a little more splash, and the turkeys are just doing their thing and moving on.”

Read More On: KARK or FOX24

Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University
Michael Langemeier, Purdue University

Feedlots Show Increase in Cattle Inventory

By: High Plains Journal – November 24, 2023

“This report was largely in line with pre-report expectations. I also think several operations have tried to procure animals when they could have been hedged at a positive margin.”

“These two phenomena represent the good news. Now for the not so good news. Feeder steer prices have increased substantially from their levels earlier this year.”

Read More On: High Plains Journal

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