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Members in The News: September 18, 2023


David Ortega, Michigan State University

Food Prices Eased in August

By: New York Times – September 13, 2023

“The recent uptick in gas prices could result in companies raising prices even higher to cover transportation costs. Extreme heat and droughts could also affect crop yields. Still, we do not expect to see a big surge in food prices, barring any major supply shocks, and food inflation has slowed notably compared to last year.”

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Daniel Sumner, University of California, Davis

Extreme Heat Is Forcing America’s Farmers To Go Nocturnal

By: Washington Post – September 9, 2023

“Inevitably, it’s going to be hotter during the day, and that’s going to mean even more night farming where it’s feasible. And when I say feasible, I mean where it’s profitable.”

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Chad Hart, Iowa State University

Corn Yields in Iowa Forecast Up From a Year Ago

By: The Messenger – September 6, 2023

“There’s some drought stress but other places have been picking up much needed rain.  We will see piles out there, especially since we picked up some extra rain and a few more bushels. But when you look at storage on a national scale, we have enough storage capacity for new crop corn.”

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Lauren Chenarides, Colorado State University
Sean Cash, Tufts University

700 Michigan Stores and Counting – why Dollar General is Everywhere

By: Michigan Live – September 5, 2023

“Dollar stores appear to be filling a gap in food access. So, where supermarkets aren’t locating, dollar stores tend to fill a gap in the various parts of the country.”

“We’ve seen this massive growth, and that growth continued when economic times were good or bad.”

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Steven Deller, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Far From Vacation Homes, Small Town Airbnbs House Traveling Workforces"

By: Marketplace - September 12, 2023

Short-term renters in towns without high levels of tourism might not be as consistent as short-term renters in the small towns with tourist economies.Popular tourist areas can rely on a regular number of temporary staff coming in to fill jobs during busy tourism seasons. But the industries bringing temporary workers for jobs outside of health care and tourism are more boom and bust."

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Scott Irwin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The U.S. Is No Longer World’s Leading Exporter of Corn

By: Marketplace – August 31, 2023

“Despite losing market share to Brazil, U.S. growers are selling more in absolute terms. It’s what happened with soybeans 10 years ago, and U.S. farm income has not fallen out of bed because we lost that spot.”

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Amit Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology

Are Community Colleges Beneficial in General?

By: Rochester Beacon – September 12, 2023

“Given the sheer volume of students who pass through community colleges and given that there are many relatively inexpensive, four-year college options available to students, it makes sense to ask whether, in a general sense, community colleges are contributing to the society in which we live.”

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Ted Schroeder, Kansas State University

Grid Pricing Has Boosted Cattle Profits, Improved Consumer Beef

By: Morning Ag Clips –September 10, 2023

“Marketing agreements and grid pricing have evolved because producers strive to link consumer preferences for high quality beef with farm gate, fed cattle values. The data we’ve reviewed clearly demonstrates that sending clear value signals to producers through premiums for high quality carcasses and discounts for less desired quality has transformed the beef industry.”

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Sean Cash, Tufts University

"Calories Often Absent on Third-Party Food Delivery Platforms, Analysis Finds"

By: Medical Press - September 14, 2023

"While ordering from third-party apps wasn't nearly as popular when menu labeling was first established under the Affordable Care Act, both the FDA's regulation and industry practice should reflect the reality of how people are ordering their food today."

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Joel Cuffey, Auburn University
Adam Rabinowitz, Auburn University

Farm Bill Has Multifaceted Effects on Alabamians

By: The Lowndes Signal – September 10, 2023

“The program brings in millions of dollars each year that is spent on food in Alabama businesses and helps ensure Alabamians receive the food and nutrition they need for a healthy, active life.”

“There are a lot of areas that Alabama farmers are concerned about for this farm bill. The way input costs have increased for crop production over the past few years has not been addressed by the current safety net programs. Labor issues are especially important for specialty crop producers. New and beginning farmers continue to have challenges accessing land and capital.”

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John Lai, University of Florida

Study Shows COVID-19 Opinion Impacted Cruise Stock

By: Main St. Daily News – September 10, 2023

“Most people think of cruises purely as a leisure opportunity, however, there is a significant economic multiplier effect associated with cruise lines. Port cities that see a lot of passenger cruise traffic also increase demand for port infrastructure development and maintenance, which in turn spurs economic growth. In addition to this, passengers spend money through a variety of businesses such as hotels, car rentals, restaurants, parks, and other recreational activities surrounding cruise trips.”

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Joseph Balagtas, Purdue University

Survey Reveals Influences of Political Ideology on Consumer Food Perceptions

By: Dubai Tech News – September 13, 2023

“Food inflation expectations suggest consumers continue to believe that food price inflation is cooling. Consumers also estimated a larger increase in food prices over the past year than is indicated by official estimates. This suggests that inflationary pressures are still very much at the forefront of consumers’ minds.”

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