Monday, September 11, 2023

Members in the News: September 11, 2023

Steven Deller, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Wisconsin Tax Cut Proposal Not As Good As Advertised, Experts Say
    By: Cap Times – August 31, 2023
  • “State Medicine Exports See Major Increase in Recent Years”
    By: Wis Business – September 8, 2023

David Hughes, University of Tennessee
Edward Yu, University of Tennessee

How Special is “specialty”? Contrasting The Location Strategies of Specialty Grocery Chains and Traditional Supermarkets in The United States

By: AGS – July 13, 2023

“These results tell us, crucially, that specialty grocers are targeting consumers living certain lifestyles, and that they are certainly not afraid to put the gloves on to compete in competitively saturated trade areas. These model results are informative for any grocery chain thinking critically about competitive defense and market strategy.”

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Claudia Schmidt, Pennsylvania State University

Climate Change Threatens the Agritourism That Helps Small Farms Survive

By: Civil Eats – September 6, 2023

“For many farms that offer outside entertainment, visitor numbers are down. Unpredictable weather patterns are a problem, making it harder to plan, and operators are worried.”

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Jared Hutchins, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Farm Bill 2023: Is There Bad Medicine in Base Acres and Reference Prices?”

By: Ag Fax – September 1, 2023

“While not definitive, there is much in this discussion for concern about the impact on cash rents of base acres and statutory reference prices that are high relative to market prices. These concerns apply to policy decisions that continue high reference prices but could be magnified by policy decisions that increase reference prices.”

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Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University

More Consumers Regularly Consuming Products Derived From Animals

By: National Hog Farmer – September 1, 2023

“From a month-over-month perspective it appears folks ate out more in August than July leading to elevated demand; perhaps partial budget adjustment from at-home to away-from-home food expenditures.”

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Matthew Gammans, Michigan State University

Researchers To Evaluate Blueberry Pest Management Strategies

By: Farm Progress – August 31, 2023

“We hope the data and analysis this project generates will help Michigan blueberry growers pick a pest management strategy that really works for their farms. There probably won't be a one-size-fits-all solution, so measuring the costs and benefits of different IPM approaches and understanding how these are affected by the type of farm someone is operating is going to be really important."

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Carl Zulauf, The Ohio State University
Todd Kuethe, Purdue University

We're Growing Food For Others. We're Close To Nature. We're Doing What We Love.' How To Retire Like a Farmer

By: Morning Star – September 3, 2023

"They enjoy farming. Whatever kind of farming they are in, it brings them a tremendous amount of meaning just to farm."

"Folks close to retirement whittle it down to what they like to do."

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Aaron Smith, University of California, Davis
Zachariah Rutledge, Michigan State University

How Technology Can Help Solve Agriculture's Labor Woes

By: Agri Pulse – September 5, 2023

“We’ve never seen mass unemployment follow from advancements in technology, and so I don’t expect that happening in the future either. What does happen is that people change the kind of work that they do. As you look back at other major technology advancements in society such as the introduction of tractors and shift from horses or expansion of automation in factories.”

“My survey of 1,300 farmers found that two-thirds have already adopted a new labor-saving technology due to rising labor costs and shortages of workers.”

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Shuoli Zhao, University of Kentucky
Michelle Segovia, University of Missouri
Marco Palma, Texas A&M University
Rudy Nayga, Texas A&M University

Do Consumers Support Farms With Beginning and Female Farmers?

By: News Channel Nebraska – August 30, 2023

“There is an aging farming population and we do not have enough entrepreneurs replacing retiring farmers. Having strong consumer support for beginning farmers could be the catalyst for farming interest, profitability, and competitiveness, especially for new, female, and minority farmers. While our study confirms a willingness to support through effort provision, policy assistance is still vital, impacting areas like access to credit, land, equipment and continued education assistance."

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James Mintert, Purdue University

Brazil Overtakes U.S. As Largest Exporter of Corn Globally

By: Indiana Public Media – September 4, 2023

“Unlike last time, the U.S. will continue to see more competition in the long term as production shifts globally. It just harkens to the idea that at one time, on a worldwide basis, if you wanted to import corn, the U.S. was the supplier. And in recent years, that's been changing. Brazil has been a big part of that. And really over the last almost 20 years, the Black Sea region, Ukraine in particular, has become a big part of that.”

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Kimberly Morgan, University of Florida

DeSantis Immigration Law May Worsen Labor Shortages in Florida as Planting Season Begins

By: Miami Herald – September 8, 2023

“U.S. consumers are now accustomed to, and expect, a wide variety of freshly picked, beautiful produce available year-round in their grocery stores. Blessed with warm winter weather, South Florida is one of the very few places in the United States where crops are planted, tended, harvested, and packed for shipping nationwide.”

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Janelle Larson, Pennsylvania State University

Penn State Researchers Explore How Gender Affects Agriculture in Ghana

By: – August 6, 2023

“Some of them had a lot of experience working with gender and understood and appreciated why it was important. Meanwhile, the subject was new for others, who may not have realized how technologies might have different implications for different people in the household.”

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