Monday, August 28, 2023

Members in the News: August 28, 2023

Zach Rutledge, Michigan State University

Aaron Smith, University of California, Davis

California Set Off a Biofuel Boom — But Can It Manage the Fallout?

By: Prime News Print  - August 18, 2023

“A cow might make $5,000 worth of milk a year, and it makes about $3,000 worth of manure. And so if you look at the economics of that, you’d say, maybe I should get some more cows and generate some more manure. The data does not show — yet — that farmers are increasing and consolidating their herds to boost methane profits, many activists say they have seen enough.”

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Rigoberto Lopez, University of Connecticut
Luis Seoane Estruel,
University of Connecticut

UConn Study Finds Squeeze From Labor Shortage Tightens on Connecticut Farmers

By: Florida Daily – August 17, 2023

“There’s so many outside opportunities for workers; we’re not in rural Kansas, so it’s extra difficult.”

“Prospective employees can take their pick from multiple opportunities, typically. That means there are jobs out there that just aren’t going to get filled beyond agriculture.”

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Matin Qaim, University of Bonn

Environmental Organizations Put Children's Lives At Risk

By: Swiss Food – June 29, 2023

“In the Philippines, the cultivation of Golden Rice has been temporarily banned. NGOs have obtained a cultivation ban based on scientifically untenable arguments. The poorest people, who could be protected from nutritional deficiencies by this rice, are the ones suffering the most.”

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Hernan Tejeda, University of Idaho

Selling The Cows: Why More Dairy Farmers Are Quitting The Business

By: Capital Press – August 20, 2023

“There are a lot of factors in dairy farmers exiting the business. But the main one is fatigue from all the headwinds they’ve faced. Milk prices were high last year, but so were feed costs. This year feed costs have come down a little, but milk prices have dropped rapidly.”

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Rudy Nayga, Texas A&M University

Bringing Sustainability to Family’s Legacy Through Agricultural Economics

By: Texas Border Business – August 21 – 2023

“Agricultural economics faculty members, staff and students at the HECM are ideally situated to support agriculture and agribusiness in the Rio Grande Valley, a growing economic hub where billions of dollars of agricultural product crosses annually.”

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Brady Brewer, Purdue University

  • Dairy Signal: Financial Management, Silage Harvest, Beef Demand Insights
    By: Morning Ag Clips – August 21, 2023
  • Climate Change May Force More Farmers and Ranchers To Consider Irrigation — At a Steep Cost
    By: Oregon Public Broadcasting – August 23 , 2023
  • Farmers And Ranchers Consider Irrigation As Climate Change Turns Up Heat
    By: Boston Globe – August 23, 2023

Shadi Atallah, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

How Local Communities Depend on The Ivory Palm Tree in Coastal Ecuador

By: PHYS  – August 25, 2023

“As economists, we would assume the most important value has to be the export of the tagua buttons. But we wanted to go into the research without any assumptions and let the participants tell us what’s important to them about this resource.:

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