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Members in the News: August 21, 2023


David Ortega, Michigan State University

How Did The Sriracha Shortage Happen?

By: CNBC – August 16, 2023

“Huy Fong Foods, owner of the iconic green-capped sriracha hot sauce, has been experiencing a shortage of red jalapeño chili peppers, a key ingredient in the sauce, for about three years. The company has cited weather-related issues to be the cause. But Huy Fong Foods' former pepper supplier of 28 years, Underwood Ranches, told CNBC there's a lot more to the story.” (Speaks at 3:25)

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Robin Goldstein, University of California, Davis

Oklahoma-Grown Marijuana Fuels the Black Market in Other States

By: Yahoo! News – August 12, 2023

"Oklahoma should blame other states that have made it so difficult for legal weed to survive. Illegal growers in Oklahoma are only able to thrive and exist because, in those other states, legal weed is so expensive."

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Nelson Villoria, Kansas State University

The Biden Administration Bets Big On ‘Climate Smart’ Agriculture

By: – July 14, 2023

“A new kind of food may soon be arriving on grocery store shelves: climate smart. Under the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities, a nascent U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) program, this amalgam of farming methods aims to keep the American agricultural juggernaut steaming ahead while slashing the sector’s immense greenhouse gas footprint.”

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Zach Rutledge, Michigan State University

“‘It Just Doesn’t Work’ — AEWR, Labor Pressures Bearing Down on Farmers

By: Michigan Farm News – August 17, 2023

“Agriculture is unique in terms of the broader immigration debate because immigrant workers in agriculture are not really competing with American-born workers. The conference will convene stakeholders, both national and locally, to have a conversation about not only AEWR, but what are the challenges our stakeholders are facing, and what are some of the solutions.”

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Jada Thompson, University of Arkansas

How The Poultry Industry Could Be Impacted By Tyson Foods Closing North Little Rock Plant

By: THV11 – August 11, 2023

“One in four agricultural jobs are tied to the poultry industry. We're starting to understand how important the poultry industry is to Arkansas. Numbers like that put Tyson Foods' decision to shut down its North Little Rock plant into perspective. When Tyson made their announcement, they're looking to really reduce about 10% of their production. We think about that... two of those plans are really related to Arkansas, and Arkansas farmers [are] impacted directly.”

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Dawn Thilmany, Colorado State University

Coloradans Prefer To Buy Local, Survey Shows

By: Fox 31 – August 11, 2023

“It’s more than just Palisade peaches and Pueblo chiles that are benefitting from locals. More and more producers are featuring Colorado-based products. Some examples are local butchers only selling Colorado-based meat or bakeries selling grains from Colorado. So, we’re seeing little tentacles where this interest in local foods is almost changing the structure of how some households buy and eat food.”

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Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University

Don’t Let Bullish Fed Cattle Profits Be Ruined by an Unexpected Wreck

By: Calf News – August 10, 2023

“Risk management is encouraged to protect prices. Each operator is encouraged to track their own financial situation to see how it compares with broader benchmarks. They can assess points in time when it may make more sense to implement risk management strategies in their operation.”

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Chris Barrett, Cornell University

Labor Costs Are a Key Ingredient In Food Inflation

By: Marketplace – August 11, 2023

“None of those are raw commodities coming straight from farmer’s fields. Generally only about 15% of the retail price goes to the farmer. Most goes toward processing and packaging and transporting the commodities. And wages for people who do many of those jobs have gone up.”

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Christopher Wolf, Cornell University

Mysteries of Milk Margins

By: Dairy Star – August 12, 2023

“With 18% or so of milk equivalents being exported, the marginal unit of milk is priced by international markets. The result is that the products which the U.S. exports – especially powders – have prices highly correlated with world prices. Additionally, corn and soybean markets are very international (and) directly impact the cost of producing milk.”

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Pat Westhoff, University of Missouri

There’s More Than One Way To Tell The Story About Food Prices

By: Columbia Tribune – August 17, 2023

“What will happen in the months and years ahead is uncertain, of course, as there will always be unanticipated shifts in supply and demand. Under one plausible set of assumptions, our institute projects lower prices for many farm commodities and farm inputs in 2024, along with a further slowdown in consumer food price inflation.”

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