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Members in the News: Hagerman, Just, Byrne, Anderson, Reimer, Wang, Sumner, Thilmany, and Ortega

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Amy Hagerman, Oklahoma State University

"The Bird Flu Outbreak is the Deadliest in US History: Here is What We Know"

By: NPR - November 2, 2022

“In total, these complexes are easily over a million birds. In order to increase the value of eggs and egg products, there is a need to reduce HPAI-affected egg operations, especially since most US production goes to the domestic market"

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David Just, Cornell University
Anne Byrne, USDA - Economic Research Service

"Food Banks Save Needy Families Up to $1000 per Year"

By: US News - November 23, 2022

“The most recent Household Food Security in the United States report … estimates that 5.6% of U.S. households use food pantries, which are the main distribution vehicle for food banks,”

"In this broader context, our results suggest that food bank services collectively represent a sizeable share of the food landscape.”

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David Anderson, Texas A&M University

"Higher Calf Prices Projected for 2023 in Texas"

By: The Eagle - November 28, 2022

“Drought affects all aspects of the cattle business. The reason we have culled so many cows this year is because of drought and the cost of corn. High corn prices will lead to a high feed cost environment into next year. Production costs have also increased faster than calf prices.”

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Jeff Reimer, Oregon State University

"Challenges Facing Food and Beverage Companies Seeking to Export"

By: News Continue - November 29, 2022

“I think the theme here is small and medium firms are important for our local economies. They are making high-quality products that are sought after overseas, but what can our policymakers and business leaders do to help them export those products?"

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News Continue

Holly Wang, Purdue University

"We Can Not Give in to Gm Corn From the US"

By: Courthouse News Service - December 1, 2022

Mexico is one of our large exporting markets [for corn] and, of course, if it does not accept the GM corn, that will mean our demand is reduced and it may negatively impact the market price,”

Read more on: Courthouse News Service

Daniel Sumner, University of California, Davis

"Bird Flu Outbreaks in 2022 Break Record, 46 States Impacted"

By: abc15 - November 31, 2022

“This avian influenza has been a real problem because it has lasted such a long time relative to other outbreaks of this particular disease, it has been particularly hard hitting for eggs and turkeys. Egg prices have doubled or more than doubled. And broiler (chicken) prices, even when this was hitting the broilers really bad, which is not so much right now, they’ve gone up,”

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Dawn Thilmany, Colorado State University

"Inflated Food Prices Could Affect Holiday Season"

By: Western Farmer-Stockman, November 31, 2022

“Price increases are noticeable to those of us who are middle income and above, but, for the U.S. households who are food insecure, that extra cost for staples like eggs and milk will have a much, much more profound impact.”

Read more on: Western Farmer-Stockman

David Ortega, Michigan State University

  • "Customer Impacts of Kroger, Albertsons Merger Could Depend on Market, Expert Says"
    By: The National Desk - November 28, 2022
  • "Mississippi Barge Delays Could Further Affect Consumer Prices"
    By: Twin Cities Pioneer Press - November 28, 2022
  • "Don't Believe What you Hear About Turkey Inflation"
    By: Slate - November 22, 2022

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