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Members in the News: Thilmany, Batabyal, Kuethe, Zhang, Stevens, Bellemare, Khanna, Sumner, Gundersen, Ortega, Carter, Steinbach... et al.

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Dawn Thilmany, Colorado State University

Drought in U.S. West Leads Farmers to Look Elsewhere for Revenue

By: Wall Street Journal - September 30, 2022

Trying to stay afloat during years of Drought Conditions, New Mexico Farmer Nathan Jurva has rented out RV hookups on his land, sold some of his water to oil-and-gas companies and recently agreed to lease a parcel of his property for a proposed solar farm. ...

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Amitrajeet Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology

Capping Russia’s oil profits could keep oil flowing to global markets at a reasonable cost while slashing Putin’s war funding

By: The Conversation - October 4, 2022

The world as we know it cannot function without oil, giving oil-producing countries an advantage economists call market power. Nations that produce oil are able to set the price, while countries that rely on oil have little choice but to buy it at prices determined by the seller.

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Todd Kuethe, Purdue University
Wendong Zhang, Cornell University

Unusual market forces drive farmland sales

By: Successful Farming - September 22, 2022

Further east, a Purdue University survey released earlier this summer reported new land price records for Indiana. “Our year-over-year change is around 30%,” says Todd Kuethe, a Purdue University agriculture economist, who conducts the survey.

“The current projected interest rate hikes will exert downward pressures on the land market; however, it probably is not sufficient to offset the supporting role of the 2020 rate cut this year. The net effects of all interest rate changes since 2015 will become negative for farmland values in late 2023 and onward,” Zhang and grad student Abulena Basha wrote. 

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Wendong Zhang, Cornell University

China’s Syngenta pushes the edge: Can technology-driven agriculture promote a new view of sustainable farming to a world still wary of biotechnology?

By: Genetic Literacy Project, et al. - September 30, 2022

“Chinese agriculture and food demand is in inherent conflict,” says Wendong Zhang, an assistant professor at Cornell University’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management and a specialist in China’s agricultural development. “China won’t be able to have more land. They won’t be able to have better quality soil. The thing they can control is technology.”

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Andrew Stevens, University of Wisconsin—Madison
Marc Bellemare, University of Minnesota

Quinoa Prices Crashed. Farmers Still Harvest 100,000 Tons A Year | Big Business | Business Insider

By: Business Insider via YouTube - October 2, 2022

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Madhu Khanna, University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Report: Design of RFS Limits Incentives for E85

By: Advanced BioFuels USA - September 29, 2022

In the new article “Assessing the Efficiency Implications of Renewable Fuel Policy Design in the United States” published in the open access Journal of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, Past President Madhu Khanna from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Jia Zhong(at the Ford Motor Company, estimate the extent to which the design of the Renewable Fuel Standard has limited consumption of higher blends of ethanol (E85) in the United States and led to a “blend wall” at 10 percent blend of ethanol.

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Daniel Sumner, University of California, Davis

Marijuana companies lay off hundreds, retrench amid economic woes

By: MJ Biz Daily - September 6, 2022

“The legal cannabis business is volatile,” said Daniel Sumner, professor of agricultural and resource economics at the University of California, Davis and co-author of “Can Legal Weed Win? The Blunt Realities of Cannabis Economics.”

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Craig Gundersen, Baylor University

U.S. meat companies fill the ‘protein gap’ to help end hunger

By: Ag Daily - September 28, 2022

Dr. Craig Gundersen, Snee Family Endowed Chair at the Baylor University Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty, emphasized the issue, “America’s meatpackers and processors provide safe, affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate foods that are key to ensuring food security for Americans at all income levels. Federal nutrition assistance programs like SNAP have been successful in reducing hunger and should be protected and expanded, including to ensure the dignity and autonomy of SNAP participants to choose foods for themselves and their families.”

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David Ortega, Michigan State University

¿A qué se atribuye el aumento en el costo de los alimentos? Esto dicen los expertos
Translations: To what is attributed the increase in the cost of food? This is what the experts say

By: Telemundo et al. - October 3, 2022

Diversos economistas coinciden en que la tasa de inflación en los comestibles se estabilizará en 2023, pero advierten que los precios no bajarán considerablemente cuando se desvanezca el efecto de la pandemia y la invasión rusa en Ucrania.

Translations: Several economists agree that the inflation rate in groceries will stabilize in 2023, but warn that prices will not fall significantly when the effect of the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine wears off.

View on: Telemundo et al.

Colin Carter, University of California, Davis
Sandro Steinbach, University of Connecticut
Xiting Zhuang, University of Connecticut

Joana Colussi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Brazil infrastructure upgrades close logistics gap in soybean exports

By: Iowa Farmer Today (from Bloomberg) - September 16, 2022

U.S. farmers facing supply-chain bottlenecks and a surging dollar are losing their competitive edge in the global market for soybeans to their biggest rival: Brazil.

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Cesar Escalante, University of Georgia

FINRA Foundation Awards 2022 Ketchum Prize to Cesar Escalante

By: Yahoo! Finance - October 4, 2022

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation (FINRA Foundation) today awarded Cesar Escalante the 2022 Ketchum Prize—its highest honor—in recognition of his outstanding service and research to advance financial capability and inclusion in the U.S.

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George Frisvold, University of Arizona

Bill aims to help ranchers recover losses to wolves

By: The Copper Era - October 4, 2022

“HR 8475 bill uses data from a study done by a team led by George Frisvold from the University of Arizona in order to determine what the dollar amount should be,” Menges said. “If the bill were to pass, it would be the first time in history ranchers were fairly compensated for wolves being on their operations.”

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