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Members in the News: Schnitkey, Lusk, Masters, Volpe, Gunderson, Irwin, Ridley, Sheldon, Plakias, Hertel, Zhang, Cryan, Westhoff, & Williams

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Gary Schnitkey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Soaring costs squeeze farmers’ returns in North American grain belt

By: Financial Times - June 2, 2022

“If those [crop] prices stay up there farmers will absorb those prices and be profitable,” said Gary Schnitkey, a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “But the minute they come down . . . we’re looking at very large losses. The returns are still there, but those risks are high.”

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Jayson Lusk, Purdue University
William Masters, Tufts University

4 ways to reduce the environmental cost of food

By: The Washington Post - June 3, 2022

I talked to two, at opposite ends of the political spectrum. Jayson Lusk, who heads the agricultural economics department at Purdue University, is refreshingly candid about the political split: “Ideology and perspective on how much government should regulate comes into this.” Lusk describes himself as “libertarian leaning,” and he believes market solutions generally work better than government solutions.

Will Masters is a professor of nutrition and economics at Tufts University and describes his politics as liberal. He believes in “better living through government” and is upfront about how his leanings influence his economic ideas. The two also know, and speak highly of, each other.

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Richard Volpe, California Polytechnic State University
Jayson Lusk, Purdue University
Michael Gunderson, MetLife Investment Management

Economists say grain shortage will raise cereal, sushi prices

By: The Washington Times - June 3, 2022

A worsening shortage of global grains, spurred by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, will be the next affliction to hit American pocketbooks as the price of bread and rice increase by the end of the year, economists say.

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Scott Irwin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

What the Rising Cost of Food and Fuel Can Teach Us About Justice

By: Treehugger - May 31, 2022

Scott H. Irwin, a professor of agricultural and consumer economics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, explained in a Time magazine piece that the problem with the most recent disruptions is not that we’ll run out of grains, but rather that price rises will leave the poorest and most vulnerable at risk of going hungry.

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William Ridley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Wine as scapegoat in trade disputes means consumers pay the price

By: - May 26, 2022

"Wine often becomes a punching bag in trade disputes. It gets targeted for cross-retaliatory measures and punitive tariffs imposed by parties in dispute," says William Ridley, assistant professor of agricultural and consumer economics at U of I, and lead author on the paper, published in Food Policy.

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Ian Sheldon, The Ohio State University
Zoë Plakias, The Ohio State University

Global conflict, pandemic impacts, cause jump in food costs

By: Farm and Dairy - June 2, 2022

“This war is a bigger shock, in my opinion, globally,” said Ian Sheldon, Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Policy at Ohio State University. “It’s just intensifying what was already happening.”

“People with lower incomes spend a larger share of their incomes on food and other necessities … they are going to be the ones that suffer the most from higher prices,” said Zoë Plakias, assistant professor in Ohio State’s Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics.

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Thomas Hertel, Purdue University

Purdue provides insight on the impact of the war in Ukraine

By: Dairy Business - June 6, 2022

In March, Chepeliev co-authored the paper “Cutting Russia’s Fossil Fuel Exports: Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain” with Purdue professors Thomas Hertel, distinguished professor of agricultural economics, and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, research professor and director of the Center for Global Trade Analysis, or GTAP.

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Wendong Zhang, Cornell University

Economist leads on land survey, China relationship

By: Iowa Farmer Today - June 4, 2022

Zhang: "I grew up in Shandong Province in northern China, the same area where Confucius was born 2,000 years ago. My rural county has 1 million people. I went to Shanghai for college and got my Ph.D. in agricultural economics from Ohio State. I stayed in Columbus for six years and in Ames for seven years, where my older and younger daughters were born, respectively."

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Roger Cryan, American Farm Bureau Federation

Food Prices Soar with no end in Sight, Americans Change Habits

By: Big Country News - June 5, 2022

“By the economics textbook, higher costs work themselves up through the supply side of the market and raise prices,” said Roger Cryan, chief economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation. “The prices are especially high right now because of the sudden lack of access to Black Sea grain, but if these energy prices stay high in the long run then they will entirely work their way into food prices.”

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Patrick Westhoff, University of Missouri

Policies, technology change the agriculture industry, rural life

By: Courier Tribune - June 7, 2022

“It was pretty doggone labor intensive,” said Westhoff, director of the MU Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute. With eight kids “we had lots of cheap labor on the farm. That’s how we’re able to make it work over there all those years without hiring anybody.”

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Jayson Lusk, Purdue University

Food Spending Jumped 7% in May According to Purdue's Consumer Food Insights Report

By: Hoosier Ag Today - June 8, 2022

“After a small dip [in April], we’ve seen a seven percent increase in consumer spending on food partly explained by increases in food prices and food price inflation that we’ve been seeing,” said Jayson Lusk, the head and Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics at Purdue and leader of the university’s Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability.

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Gary Williams, Texas A&M University

Study calculates solid return for investing in agricultural export market development

By: Courier Tribune - June 8, 2022

“Our work indicated that MAP and FMD have accounted for 13.7% of all the revenue generated by U.S. agricultural exports between 1977 and 2019,” said Gary Williams, one of the lead agricultural economists on the project. “The additional export revenue bolsters the entire U.S. agricultural sector and creates a multiplier effect throughout the U.S. economy.”

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