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Members in the News: Gerlt, Ortega, Brady, Lusk, Balagtas, Hennessy, Tack, Ando, Smith, Irwin, Batabyal, Deller, Cakir, Beatty, Boland, et al.

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Scott Gerlt, American Soybean Association

China trade: imports of US soybeans rise as Ukraine war, South America drought limit sources

By: South China Morning Post - April 25, 2022

American soybean producers shipped 27.3 million metric tonnes to China from September 1 to April 22, said Scott Gerlt, an economist with the American Soybean Association.

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David Ortega, Michigan State University

Food plant fires fuel conspiracy theory

By: AP News - May 3, 2022

David Ortega, a food economist and associate professor at Michigan State University, said it was “extremely unlikely” that the U.S. would experience food shortages from the Russia-Ukraine war.

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Michael Brady, Washington State University

How AI can help farmers fight drought in a hotter world

By: AI2 - April 21, 2022

Two WSU researchers, computer scientist Kirti Rajagopalan and economist Michael Brady, are leading an effort to understand the impact of drought on what the institute’s director, Anantharaman Kalyanaraman, referred to in an email as “agricultural decisions.”

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Jayson Lusk, Purdue University
Joseph Balagtas, Purdue University

Food and Beverage Industries’ COVID-19 Vulnerability Index goes live; experts available

By: Waseca Food - April 30, 2022

Lusk is a leader in the development of online dashboards that can track, report and visually represent the factors that lead to supply chain disruptions during national and global emergencies. His team was the first to create an online dashboard to estimate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on a food supply chain when the team developed the Purdue Food and Agriculture Vulnerability Index in collaboration with Microsoft.

Joseph Balagtas, associate professor of agricultural economics at Purdue, served as a senior economist on the White House Council of Economic Advisers when the COVID-19 pandemic began. From that point to the end of Balagtas’ term, the council focused on the economic consequences of the pandemic and related supply chain issues.

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David Hennessy, Iowa State University
Jesse Tack, Kansas State University

Will climate change increase the risk of aflatoxin in US corn?

By: - May 4, 2022

Wu's research was published April 5, 2022 in the journal Environmental Research Letters. Co-authors on the paper include her former doctoral student Jina Yu (Hong Kong Baptist University), David Hennessy (Iowa State University) and Jesse Tack (Kansas State University).

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Amy Ando, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Green roofs are worth the cost for urban residents

By: Tech Xplore - May 4, 2022

"Countries around the world are investing significant public resources to reduce the impact of stormwater runoff," explains Amy Ando, professor of agricultural and consumer economics at U of I, and a co-author on the study. "Green roofs are part of that solution because they capture some of the rain that would otherwise end up in sewage systems. Knowing the benefits from investing in green roofs is important for implementing sound public policies."

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Aaron Smith, University of Tennessee

Grain bags vs. grain bins

By: Farm Progress - May 5, 2022

Andrew Stevens, a professor of agricultural and applied economics at UW-Madison, said that in a period of rapid inflation, assistance programs can be slow to adapt.

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Scott Irwin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Why Food Prices Are Expected To Skyrocket

By: Verve Times & Investment Watch - April 18, 2022

Scott Irwin, an agricultural economist and professor in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois told Wired magazine: “This crisis is beyond the normal ability to shuffle supplies around. We’ve exploded that system, and the cost is going to be extreme economic pain.”

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Amitrajeet Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology

Discussing the wealth gap created by the pandemic housing market

By: WXXI News - May 4, 2022

According to the New York Times, Americans who own homes have gained more than $6 trillion in housing equity during the pandemic. But what about first-time home buyers or people who are unable to buy a home? What are the ripple effects of this trend in the housing market?

This hour, we discuss the economics of the issue and the spillover effects with our guest:

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Steven Deller, University of Wisconsin
Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy

Access to Health Care and Rural Worker Productivity: Financial Sustainability

By: HTV 10, WICZ, WPGX Fox 28, 3WZ FM, News Channel Nebraksa, Quertle, Manhattan Week, Next Wave Group, Seed Daily, Magazines Today, News Blaze, One News Page, The Luxury Chronicle, Sangri Times, RFD TV, Street Insider, WTNZ Fox 43, News Channel Nebraska, KMLK, & Suncoast News Network - April 29, 2022

In the research published in AEPP "Access to Health Care and Rural Worker Productivity" Steven Deller from the University of Wisconsin-Madison asks how access to health care impacts regional economic activity as measured by worker productivity.

Read more on: HTV 10, WICZ, WPGX Fox 28, 3WZ FM, News Channel Nebraksa Northeast, Quertle, Manhattan Week, Next Wave Group, Seed Daily, Magazines Today, News Blaze, One News Page, The Luxury Chronicle, RFD TV, Street Insider, WTNZ Fox 43, News Channel Nebraska Midplains, KMLK, & Suncoast News Network

Metin Çakir, University of Minnesota
Timothy Beatty, University of California, Davis
Michael Boland, University of Minnesota
Qingxiao Li, University of Minnesota
Stephen Devadoss, Texas Tech University
Ethan Sabala, US Department of Agriculture
Jeffrey Reimer, Oregon State University
Wake Brorsen, Oklahoma State University
Jeff Luckstead, Washington State University
Rodolfo Nayga Jr., Texas A&M University
Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association
American Journal of Agricultural Economics
Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy
Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

AAEA & Wiley Publish First Articles in New Open Access Journal

By: WPGX Fox 28, 3WZ FM, News Channel Nebraska Northeast, KMLK, Street Insider, & Benzinga - May 3, 2022

Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (JAAEA) is an Open Access journal from AAEA in partnership with Wiley. JAAEA publishes peer-reviewed research of the high quality readers expect from AJAE and AEPP, expanded to cover a broad range of topics in agricultural and applied economics. JAAEA is author-friendly, offering quick review and publication times, free format submission, and a sound-science approach to peer review.

Read more on: WPGX Fox 28, 3WZ FM, News Channel Nebraska Northeast, KMLK, Street Insider, & Benzinga

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