Tuesday, May 17, 2022

CALL FOR PAPERS Agri-Food Systems Transformation: Sustainability, Resilience, and the Role of Technology

 IFAMR Guest Editors:

· Rui Mao, Zhejiang University, China
· Aleksan Shanoyan, Kansas State University, United States
· Kate Brooks, University of Nebraska Lincoln, United States

General Statement

IFAMR is actively working with academic associations to provide a joint platform for scholars and
practitioners around the world to highlight the latest research advances and solutions to address
imminent challenges to the global food and agribusiness system.

This year, IFAMR and the AAEA Agribusiness Economics & Management (AEM) Section have
partnered to publish an IFAMR Special Issue: Agri-Food Systems Transformation: Sustainability,
Resilience, and the Role of Technology, devoted to current topics surrounding new and emerging
technologies, risk and resilience, and sustainable development of agri-food systems in both advanced
and developing economies. The special issue invites submissions from the members of the AEM section and the broader network of applied agricultural economics scholars.

Areas of focus
I. Innovations and technological development in agribusiness management.
1. Examples of topics in this area include:
- Biotechnology in the agri-food system and consumer acceptance
- Digital transformation and adaptation in the agri-food system
- Institution and organization innovations for modern agribusiness management

II. Risk management and resilience of the food and agribusiness system.
1. Examples of topics in this area include:
- Impacts of COVID-19 on food security and agri-food system resilience
- Agricultural and agribusiness adaptation to climate change
- Risk management perceptions, instruments and technologies in agriculture

III. Sustainability of the agri-food sector and inclusive rural development.
1. Examples of topics in this area include:
- Green consumption and sustainability along the agri-food chains
- Inclusiveness of the agri-food sector and urban-rural integration
- Sustainability impacts of market, fiscal and trade regulations

Submission Instructions
Step1: Authors must submit 1000-word extended abstracts in MS Word or pdf format to the IFAMR
Office of Editor-in-Chief email address at ifamroeic@zju.edu.cn on or before June 15th, 2022.

Step 2: For the selected abstracts, authors will submit full papers on or before July 1st through the
Editorial Manager Portal of IFAMR. The detailed instructions for the submission of full papers will be
provided with the notice of selected abstracts. When submitting the full paper to the special issue
authors will select "Special Issue: Agri-Food Systems Transformation: Sustainability, Resilience, and
the Role of Technology, " in the Article Type to have their manuscripts to undergo an expediated review
process. Although each paper would be reviewed independently, accepted papers will be published
together along with a summary of the issue's topic. Papers will be published "in press" as soon as
possible after acceptance. But the completed issue is expected in early 2023.

The format of complete manuscripts should follow IFAMR’s author guidelines that can be found at:

Final manuscripts should be uploaded using IFAMR’s online submission portal:

Special Issue Timeline
June 15th, 2022: Submission deadline for extended abstracts (approximately 1000 words)
July 1st, 2022: Authors informed of abstract acceptance and invited to submit full papers
August 1st, 2022: Submission deadline for full papers for peer-review
August 1st – November 1st, 2022: Expedited peer-review and revision process
November 15, 2022: Notice to authors of the final decision

The special issue is expected to be published in early 2023.

Please direct any questions to:
Rui Mao: rmao@zju.edu.cn
Aleksan Shanoyan: shanoyan@ksu.edu
Kate Brooks: kbrooks4@unl.edu

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