Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Western Economics Forum (WEF)

Call for Pre-Submission Abstracts by November 30, 2021
Accepted Papers to be published by November 15, 2022

Topical Focus of Special WEF Issue: Value-At-Risk in Agricultural Supply Chains
The Western Economics Forum (WEF) focuses on interdisciplinary issues relevant to the Western United States. For its Fall 2022 issue, the WEF welcomes authors to submit papers for peer review addressing matters/areas related to “Value-At-Risk in Agricultural Supply Chains”. As editors for this issue, we are seeking papers relating to any of at least three (3) focus areas associated with this topic.

The areas of focus are:


  1. Naturally occurring factors impacting Agricultural Supply Chains
    Examples of such naturally occurring factors include: diseases (COVID-19), extreme weather (drought, flood, other weather perils), climate change & carbon markets, and/or other domestic U.S. or foreign naturally occurring events. 
  2. Global factors impacting Agricultural Supply Chains
    Examples of global factors impacting Ag Supply Chains include: ocean freight rates, exchange rate variations, logistical issues in key exporting countries or transportation routes (i.e., such as the recent Suez Canal ship blockage), shortages in international fertilizer & crop input markets, agricultural labor availability shortages, and other international market factors. 
  3. Political / legal factors impacting Agricultural Supply Chains
    Examples of political and/or legal factors include: international geopolitical conflicts and tensions, changes in world scale or bi-lateral trade agreements, comparative U.S. and foreign country renewable energy policies, pending development of renewable diesel following from previous expansion of U.S. ethanol production, regulation of agricultural production and/or manufacturing processes, and other political/legal factors.

Request for Proposal Abstracts – Due November 30, 2021 – Notification by 12/17/2021:

The editors are requesting abstracts of 250 words maximum be turned in for review by November 3, 2021 to dobrien@ksu.edu . Authors will be informed of Abstract acceptance or denial by 12/17/2021.

Submission, Review and Publishing Timeline:

  • Public call for abstracts (250 words): Starting Wednesday, November 3, 2021
  • Abstracts due for review: On Tuesday, November 30, 2021
  • Authors informed of Abstract Acceptance/Denial: By Friday, December 17, 2021
  • Papers Due for Review: Friday, April 15, 2022
  • Publishing Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2022
Submission Guidelines:
Authors are required to provide WEF editors with suggestions of at least 2-3 reviewers for each article submitted. See complete submission guidelines for Fall 2022 WEF issue on the Western Economics Forum website, part of the Western Agricultural Economics Association, i.e., WAEA, http://www.waeaonline.org/

All submissions, including both submitted papers and case studies, will be peer reviewed. These papers are intended in general to be 10-12 pages or 2,500 words in final form, with up to 15-20 pages and 3,500 words maximum.

About the Western Economics Forum

The Western Economics Forum organizes peer-reviewed economic research and cutting-edge thinking and ideas about contemporary issues affecting the Western United States. The papers in this special issue for fall 2022 are meant to inform academics with applied interests in “Value-at-risk in Agricultural Supply Chain Management”. Agency personnel, policy makers, community practitioners, and/or technical assistance providers may also benefit from information in the Fall 2022 issue.

The Western Economics Forum is sponsored by the Western Agricultural Economics Association. For past issues of the Western Economics Forum, visit the following web address: http://www.waeaonline.org/publications/western-economics-forum

Editors for the Fall 2022 issue of the Western Economics Forum:

Matthew Elliott, South Dakota State University
David Ripplinger, North Dakota State University
Alex Shanoyan, Kansas State University
Hernan Tejeda, University of Idaho
Daniel O’Brien, Kansas State University, dobrien@ksu.edu (address for abstract submissions)

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