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Members in the News: Gundersen, Glauber, Belasco, Smith, Schulz, Kolodinsky, Thatcher, Sheldon, Goodrich, Coble, Maples, Greenwalt, et al.

 Craig Gundersen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Biden administration can eliminate food insecurity in the United States - here's how

By: The Conversation, Philippine Canadian Inquirer, Ecointersect, & Salon - February 2, 2021

The Biden administration faces many challenges, some of which may prove to be intractable. But in one key area affecting tens of millions of Americans, it is well-positioned to attain a truly monumental achievement – the near total elimination of food insecurity in the U.S.

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Joseph Glauber, IFPRI
Eric Belasco, Montana State University
Vincent Smith, Montana State University

As Ag Embraces Climate Mitigation, Trade May Benefit - Researchers

By: Successful Farming - February 3, 2021

The Biden administration’s plan to enlist American agriculture in mitigating climate change through cover crops and carbon trading could pay dividends in another field entirely — negotiations for freer agriculture trade, said an American Enterprise Institute paper on Tuesday.

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Lee Schulz, Iowa State University

2021 is an Economic Game Changer for Farmers

By: Successful Farming February 19, 2021

With corn prices at an eight-year high, Iowa State University ag economist Lee Schulz is dusting off his records from the 2012-13 drought years to see the impact of higher prices on livestock production. “We are already at large production levels, which are pressuring prices, and now we have the added factor, the wild card, of higher feed costs,” he says.

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Joseph Glauber, IFPRI

  • Food Industry Hustles to Put Early Stamp on Biden’s Trade Policy
    By: Bloomberg Government - January 27, 2021
  • China Gets to Two-Thirds of 'Phase One'
    By: Successful Farming - January 22, 2021
  • Trump's massive farmer bailout failed to make up for the 'self-inflicted' trade damage
    By: Yahoo Finance - January 18, 2021

Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont

America’s biggest retailers and foodservice companies have already agreed not to sell GMO salmon

By: The Counter - February 11, 2021

Some of the companies that have pledged not to sell GE salmon already sell foods made with genetically modified ingredients, like corn and soy derivatives. But Jane Kolodinsky, a University of Vermont economist who studies consumer perceptions of GMOs, said those retailers likely feel this product is different, for a few key reasons.

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Mary Kay Thatcher, Syngenta
Ian Sheldon, The Ohio State University

China phase one deal under review

By: Farms Progress - February 3, 2021

Mary Kay Thatcher, Syngenta senior lead of federal government relations, says although China fell short of reaching its promised levels, it was still the highest level seen for ag exports for the marketing year. “We have a lot of work to do,” Thatcher says of getting China to purchase the additional amounts in 2021 to make up the shortfall.

Ian Sheldon, Ohio State University trade policy economist, says China is now involved in setting the rules of trade and the U.S. is not in the China-led Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership with 14 other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Sheldon says he believes the U.S. needs to revisit rejoining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, the predecessor for the TPP that Trump withdraw from in his first days of office.

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Brittney Goodrich, University of California, Davis

Stephen Devadoss, Texas Tech University
William Ridley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Texas studies COVID-19 impact on fruit and vegetable production

By: Fruit Growers News February 4, 2021

In a new report from the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association titled “The Effects of COVID-19 on Fruit and Vegetable Production,” Stephen Devadoss, the Emabeth Thompson Endowed Professor in the College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources at Texas Tech, and William Ridley from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, explored COVID-19’s effects on fruit and vegetable production in light of the ongoing and widespread proliferation of the pandemic in the farm labor force.

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Gary Schnitkey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Carl Zulauf, The Ohio State University

Higher 2021 Crop Insurance Premiums and 2021 Decisions

By: - February 10, 2021

Crop insurance premiums for all products will likely be much higher in 2021 than in 2020 because projected prices and volatilities will be higher in 2021 compared to 2020. These higher premiums could impact crop insurance decisions, particularly at higher coverage levels. The 2021 premiums for 85% Revenue Projection (RP) could double compared to the 2020 premiums. Guarantees will be higher in 2021 compared to 2020.

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Scott Irwin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

What Is Up with USDA Revisions to Quarterly Stock Estimates for Corn?

By: - February 11, 2021

It is not unusual for revisions to USDA crop and livestock estimates to be newsworthy.  A good example occurred in January, when the USDA lowered its estimate of the U.S. average corn yield by 3.8 bushels to 172 bushels per acre.  While this was a large downward revision from a historical standpoint, it was not without precedent.

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Johan Swinnen, IFPRI

Chinese scholars elected as global co-chairs of G20 Policy Advisory Group 

By: Sohu - January 30, 2021

Also present at the T20 presidium kick-off meeting were Enrico Giovannini, Professor of Economic Statistics and Sustainable Development at the University of Rome, Italy, John Kirton, Director of the G7 and G20 Research Groups and Global Health at the University of Toronto, Noura Mansouri, a KAPSARC researcher in Saudi Arabia, and ERIA Energy and Jun Arima, Senior Policy Researcher at the Environmental Research Institute, Johan Swinnen, Director General of IFPRI, United States, Camilla Baush, Director of the German Ecological Research Institute, Luca Franza, Head of Energy, Climate and Resources at IAI, Italy, Luiz de Mello, Director of Economic Policy Research, OECD, and Alexander, Chairman of IMEMO, Russia Dynkin. In the coming year, T20 will also frequently hold relevant policy coordination meetings from time to time.

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James Mintert, Purdue University

Ag Barometer Drifts Lower, Farmers Remain Concerned About The Future Despite Strong Economic Conditions

By: Agenparl - February 2, 2021

“The ongoing strength in the Current Conditions Index appears to be driven by the ongoing rally in crop prices, while the deterioration in the Futures Expectations Index seems to be motivated by longer-run concerns about policies that could impact U.S. agriculture in the future,” said James Mintert, the barometer’s principal investigator and director of Purdue University’s Center for Commercial Agriculture.

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Keith Coble, Mississippi State University
Josh Maples, Mississippi State University

Mississippi agriculture sees increased dollars

By: Dontotor Progress - February 3, 2021

“We did some mid-year analysis on June 1, and the economic picture for farm products looked pretty bleak,” said Keith Coble, head of the MSU Department of Agricultural Economics. “We went through unprecedented losses early to midyear, but markets generally improved in the latter portion of the year.”

“Eggs faced significant production challenges during the COVID-19 shutdowns while also experiencing a sharp demand increase due to grocery store demand,” said MSU Agricultural Economist Josh Maples. “Sharply higher prices were the result of supply challenges at the same time as a demand increase.” Mississippi farmers produced a whopping 1,392 million eggs last year, according to the MDAC.

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Bert Greenwalt, Arkansas State University

A-State's 27th annual Agribusiness Conference to proceed virtually Feb. 10

By: Stuttgart Daily Leader - February 5, 2021

“The A-State Agribusiness conference began in 1995 with the mission of bringing current information on the economy and agribusiness to our region of Northeast Arkansas. This year, we continue that with presentations on the economic outlook as well as the impact of the 2020 election on agricultural and trade policy,” Dr. Greenwalt said.

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Amanda Smith, University of Georgia
Yangxuan Liu, University of Georgia

CAES: Row crop forecast presents mixed bag

By: Georgia Farm Bureau - February 3, 2021

UGA Public Service Associate Amanda R. Smith gave an outlook for the 2021 peanut, corn and soybean crops during the annual UGA Georgia Ag Forecast. Smith said farmers can expect to see increases in the cost of land rent, machinery/equipment and labor. 

Dr. Yangxuan “Serinna” Liu presented the outlook for the 2021 cotton crop during the Georgia Ag Forecast. Her key take-aways were: 1) Cotton prices could range from 70-85 cents/lb. throughout the year but expect 75 cents for planning purposes; 2) Global economic recovery indicates recovery for cotton demand; 3) High uncertainty is expected for cotton acreage in the U.S. & Georgia this crop year.

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Yangxuan Liu, University of Georgia

2020 Georgia Quality Cotton Award Winners Announced

By: Georgia Cotton Commission February 2021

The 2020 Georgia Quality Cotton Awards were presented at the 2021 Georgia Cotton Commission Virtual Annual Meeting on January 27, 2021. The awards are co-sponsored by the Georgia Cotton Commission and Bayer Crop Science/Deltapine and administered by the University of Georgia Cotton Team. Dr. Yangxuan Liu from the UGA Cotton Team conducted the analysis and presented the 2020 Georgia Quality Cotton awards at the annual meeting.

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Steven Deller, University of Wisconsin

  • 10 years later: Wisconsin's Act 10 has produced labor savings, but at a cost
    By: Wisconsin State Journal - February 7, 2021
  • Why abolishing the state mask mandate could be bad for business
    By: Wisconsin Examiner - February 1, 2021
  • State of rural economy explored at virtual summit
    By: The Country Today - February 1, 2021

Benjamin Schwab, Kansas State University

Gov. Kelly needs to get medical marijuana right in Kansas. Don’t make Ohio’s mistake

By: The Kansas City Star - February 11, 2021

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly recently announced her newest strategy to pass Medicaid expansion: legalizing medical marijuana. Since Republicans have objected to the cost of expansion, she plans to offset those costs with medicinal marijuana tax revenues. 

Read more on: The Kansas City Star

Raymond Massey, University of Missouri

Missouri land values continue to grow

By: High Plains Journal - February 2, 2021

No governmental or public agencies in Missouri require the reporting of land values, said Massey. Despite the limited number of respondents, the survey gives the best available estimates for tracts larger than 40 acres in Missouri.

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Amy Hagerman, Oklahoma State University
Courtney Bir, Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma ag industry watching D.C. for changes

By: The Shawnee News-Star - February 5, 2021

Amy Hagerman, OSU Extension agricultural and food policy specialist, agreed that resolving retaliatory tariffs and implementing a new trade agreement with China will be a top priority.

Given Biden’s campaign commitments to green energy and to address climate change, said Courtney Bir, assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics, it’s reasonable to expect more emphasis on biofuels, which will have implications for corn growers in states north of Oklahoma. 

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Jim Jansen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ag land management webinar to explore cash rental rates, new property tax credit

By: The North Platte Telegraph - February 6, 2021

“Land is one of Nebraska’s most critical assets,” said Jansen. “This webinar series will help those with a vested interest in land to better understand the financial and human forces reshaping the rural agricultural landscape.”

Read more on: The North Platte Telegraph

Craig Landry, University of Missouri
John Bergstrom, University of Georgia
Dylan Turner, University of Georgia

COVID-19 Pandemic Effects on National Parks and Recreation

By: The Antlers American, Times Union, Chron, The Inyo Register, The Evening Leader, WBOC, The Valley City Times Record, Mammoth Times, AM News, My Mother Lode, The Post and Mail, The Saline Courier, Decatur Daily Democrat, Starkville Daily News, Ridgeway Record, The Kane Republican, The Observer News Enterprise, NewsOK, The Pilot News, The Community Post, & Daily Times Leader - February 10, 2021

In the recent article "How has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Outdoor Recreation in the U.S.? A Revealed Preference Approach", Craig Landry, John Bergstrom, John Salazar, and Dylan Turner from the University of Georgia, seek to understand how the pandemic affected the quantity and value of trips to the public outdoor recreation areas in the United States.

Read more on: The Antlers AmericanTimes Union, Chron, The Inyo Register, The Evening Leader, WBOC, The Valley City Times Record, Mammoth Times, AM News, My Mother Lode, ThePost and Mail, The Saline Courier, Decatur Daily Democrat, Starkville Daily News, Ridgeway Record, The Kane Republican, The Observer News Enterprise, NewsOK, The Pilot News, The Community Post, & Daily Times Leader

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