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Members in the News: Lusk, Gundersen, Glauber, He, Hayes, Zhang, Kumar, Plastina, Swinnen, Vos, Crespi, Rosenbloom, Koontz, Batabyal, Hart… et al.

Jayson Lusk, Purdue University

Craig Gundersen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Food Banks Get The Love, But SNAP Does More To Fight Hunger
By: NPR - April 13, 2020
Food banks themselves, in fact, are among SNAP's biggest fans. "Those of us in the anti-hunger community, we truly believe that SNAP is far and away the most important component of our social safety net against hunger in our country," says Craig Gundersen, an economist at the University of Illinois who also works with Feeding America.
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Joseph Glauber, IFPRI

Xi He, Iowa State University
Dermot Hayes, Iowa State University
Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University
China Buys More; Will It Be Enough For Phase One?
By: Successful Farming - May 27, 2020
“We predict China will import $18.60 billion in agricultural products from the United States in 2020, far behind the Phase One target of $36.5 billion,” wrote economists Xi He, Dermot Hayes and Wendong Zhang in a policy brief from the CARD think tank at Iowa State University.
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Anjani Kumar, IFPRI
Centre's financial package through DBT attracts criticism
By: Dailyhunt & Down To Earth - May 12, 2020
There are, however, no current efforts to bring lists of different beneficiaries together. The government should not fear duplication or ineligible individuals getting relief, said Anjani Kumar, Research Fellow at research centre International Food Policy Research Institute.
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Alejandro Plastina, Iowa State University
Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University
How to buy farmland amid uncertainty
By: Wallaces Farmer - May 27, 2020
Plastina: Selling something you do not have on hand can generate anxiety. However, a good strategy can be used to reduce if not completely eliminate such anxiety. It requires good yield records, realistic price expectations, a solid understanding of your cost of production and determination.
Zhang: The pandemic is likely to overshadow the U.S. and global economy over the next couple months, if not longer. My colleagues at ISU CARD recently released a report, projecting that significant damages for the hog and ethanol industries.
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Johan Swinnen, IFPRI

Rob Vos, IFPRI

John Crespi, Iowa State University
Joshua Rosenbloom, Iowa State University
Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University
New Iowa State web hub lets users track COVID-19’s economic impacts in the US
By: The Cattle Site - May 23, 2020
The webpage “COVID-19 Pandemic: Research and Resources” developed by the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development and the Department of Economics at Iowa State University, examines the pandemic’s impacts on the economy, agriculture and business across local, regional and global economies.
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Stephen Koontz, Colorado State University
Will restricting AMAs really save the cash market?
By: Beef Magazine - May 28, 2020
Stephen Koontz, agricultural economics professor at Colorado State University, puts the bottom-line answers up front in a recent white paper that could be used as a foundation for industry policy decisions. Koontz’ white paper comes on the heels of his pre-publication document we reported on last week.
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Amitrajeet Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology
States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions
By: WalletHub - May 19, 2020
The best way to open up is to use the available data and the knowledge of public health experts. Practically, this typically means:
  1. Having sufficient testing capacity.
  2. Being able to trace the contacts of infected people.
  3. Making sure that any spikes in new cases and/or hospitalizations can be dealt with without overwhelming current hospital capacity.
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Chad Hart, Iowa State University
Jayson Lusk, Purdue University
Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University
US meat exports surge as industry struggles to meet demand
By: Star Tribune - May 14, 2020
U.S. meat exports are surging even as the industry is struggling to meet domestic demand because of coronavirus outbreaks at processing plants that have sickened hundreds of workers and caused companies to scramble to improve conditions.
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Nicolas Quintana Ashwell, Mississippi State University
Survey of historic backwater flood documents individual losses
By: The Vicksburg Post - May 21, 2020
“We found a $42,160 self-assessed loss per household in costs associated with the flood not covered by insurance or any assistance programs,” Quintana-Ashwell said. “Additionally, 69 percent of workers reported a reduction in work productivity due to stress and fatigue associated with the flood.”
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Anton Bekkerman, Montana State University
Coronavirus disruption creates opportunity for local ag
By: The Hour - May 24, 2020
“That created this bottleneck instead of the cylinder, and you have kind of an hour-glass shape,” Bekkerman said. “You still have the same number of producers at the very top and you still have the same number of consumers at the very bottom. But that middle part is not cylindrical and it is squeezed together.”
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Amy Hagerman, Oklahoma State University
Courtney Bir, Oklahoma State University
OSU survey targets best ways toward economic recovery for Oklahoma
By: The Claremore Daily Progress - May 27, 2020
By the end of May, more than 700 people had responded to the survey distributed by Extension county educators and cooperating partners around the state, said Amy Hagerman, OSU Extension agricultural and food policy specialist. The ongoing survey is short, with most people being able to complete it in about five minutes.
For more information about survey participation, contact OSU’s Courtney Bir by email at or Scott Hall by email at or by phone at 405-744-3377.
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