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Members in the New: Zhang, Edwards, Smith, Sumner, Malone, Schaefer, Olson, Ripplinger, Cochran, Duran-Morat, Anderson, Rainey, Rainey, Lu, Tonsor, Lubben, Cordes, Westoff, and Hart

Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University
The coronavirus will delay agricultural export surges promised in trade deal with China
By: The Conversation & Caixin - March 13 & April 3, 2020
The novel coronavirus has shocked the world’s economies.
The virus has spread to more than 100 countries and many U.S. states. This has rattled global stock markets, plunging the Dow more than 2,000 points on March 9 – the biggest one-day drop since the 2008 Great Recession.
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William Edwards, Iowa State University
Planting window getting shorter
By: Wallaces Farmer - March 27, 2020
Looking at USDA data over the years, William Edwards, Iowa State University Extension economist emeritus, found that the trendline for days suitable for fieldwork from April through mid-June has dropped from 48 days to 35 days since 1964. There were only 26 suitable days available for fieldwork last spring, the fifth fewest amount in the past 55 years.
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Trenton Smith, University of Otago
Coronavirus: Why we do what we're told when our society is shut down
By: Stuff National - March 28, 2020
"The idea is that if you don't have perfect information about what to do it often makes sense to imitate others around you," behavioural economist Trent Smith, a faculty colleague of Berg, said. 
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Daniel Sumner, University of California, Davis

Trey Malone, Michigan State University
K. Aleks Schaefer, Michigan State University
MSU faculty to host talks on virus impacts on agriculture
By: The Monroe News, The Daily Reporter, & Holland Sentinel - April 4, 2020
During this time of economic uncertainty and global pandemic, growers may want to listen to “Closing Bell: A Conversation with MSU Agricultural Economists” being held each Friday from 3 to 4 p.m. through May 8. The broadcast features hosts K. Aleks Schaefer, JD, PhD, and Trey Malone, PhD, from MSU’s Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics. Schaefer and Malone are able to discuss the uncertainties the pandemic is causing for agriculture, the global food supply chain and the economy.
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Frayne Olson, North Dakota State University
David Ripplinger, North Dakota State University
NDSU Extension to continue ag economics webinar series in response to COVID-19
By: The Jamestown Sun - April 4, 2020
North Dakota State University Extension will be hosting a series of agricultural economics webinars in response to COVID-19, said Frayne Olson, NDSU Extension crops economist.
The webinar presenters are:
   - Olson
   - Parman
   - Ron Haugen - NDSU Extension farm management specialist
   - Tim Petry - NDSU Extension livestock economist
   - David Ripplinger - NDSU Extension bioproducts/bioenergy economist
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Mark Cochran, University of Arkansas System
Alvaro Durand-Morat, University of Arkansas
John Anderson, University of Arkansas
Daniel Rainey, University of Arkansas
Ronald Rainey, University of Arkansas
COVID-19's impact will shock key segments of Arkansas' economy
By: Magnolia Reporter - April 7, 2020
Arkansas agriculture and the state’s rural areas may face the potential for significant disruption in supply chain, labor and government services due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
A multi-sector economic impact study released by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture highlights the problems.
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Liang Lu, University of Idaho
While many Magic Valley storefronts are locked, food processing carries on
By: Magic Valley - April 5, 2020
It’s too early to be certain about how the pandemic will affect agriculture and food processing, said Liang Lu, University of Idaho assistant professor of agriculture economics and rural sociology. There isn’t much good data yet.
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Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University
Price Declines & Nebraska Agriculture
By: KNEB - April 3, 2020
Estimates of the potential impact to Nebraska’s cattle sector were calculated borrowing approaches used by Kansas State agricultural economist Glynn Tonsor. Tonsor calculated the price changes over the past few weeks could impact the nation’s cattle sector between $7.98-$9.4 billion.
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Bradley Lubben, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sam Cordes, Rural Policy Research Institute

Patrick Westhoff, University of Missouri
Coronavirus Is Having Mixed Effects On Missouri’s Farm Economy
By: St. Louis Public Radio - April 5, 2020
While there is an opportunity for long-term gains, the short term will be very rough for farmers, according to Pat Westhoff, professor of agricultural economics at the University of Missouri.
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Trey Malone, Michigan State University
COVID-19 may keep ‘essential’ migrant workers outside Michigan
By: WLNS - April 6, 2020
Michigan State Univeristy, Agriculture economist Trey Malone says it’s a pressing problem that highlights how essential immigrant labor is to the U.S. economy.
“I do think that the one big take away is some conversation on relaxing the regulations that currently exist in agriculture that might prevent this easy flow of labor,” Malone said.
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Chad Hart, Iowa State University

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