Monday, March 9, 2020

Members in the News: Griffin, Johnson, Zhang, Beghin, Lusk, Jaenicke, Yu, Rausser, Henty, Mark, Malone, and Boyer

Terry Griffin, Kansas State University
Farmers Fight John Deere Over Who Gets to Fix an $800,000 Tractor
By: Bloomberg - March 5, 2020
Many growers regard their methods as trade secrets that give them an advantage over competitors when vying for terms with creditors and landlords. “If data gets out, negotiating powers are weakened,” says Terry Griffin, an agricultural economist at Kansas State University. “Farmers’ fears are very real. It’s not paranoia.”
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Roger Johnson, North Dakota State University
Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University

John Beghin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Red farm states end up in the black with tariff payments
By: Successful Farming - March 3, 2020
A handful of farm states, mostly in the Midwest and the Plains, emerge as net winners when the impact of retaliatory Chinese tariffs are weighed against the Trump administration’s trade war payments to farmers, say three university economists.
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Jayson Lusk, Purdue University
A passion for Purdue agricultural programs: University mourns loss of D. Howard Doster
By: AgriNews - March 5, 2020
“The Farm Management Tour is every summer. There have been more than 80 of them, and Howard had been to more than 50,” Lusk said, adding how remarkable Doster’s commitment was to Purdue’s College of Agriculture.
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Edward Jaenicke, The Pennsylvania State University
Yang Yu, The Pennsylvania State University
Study suggests 30% food waste in US
By: Farm and Dairy - March 5, 2020
This inefficiency in the food economy has implications for health, food security, food marketing and climate change, noted Edward Jaenicke, professor of agricultural economics in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State.
In this approach, Jaenicke and Yang Yu, doctoral candidate in agricultural, environmental and regional economics, analyzed data primarily from 4,000 households who participated in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Household Food Acquisition and Purchase Survey, known as FoodAPS.
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Gordon Rausser, University of California, Berkeley
U. of California at Berkeley Receives Two Gifts Totaling $302 Million
By: The Chronicle of Philanthropy - March 2, 2020
In addition, the university has received $50 million from Gordon Rausser, the former dean of the College of Natural Resources. The college will be renamed for him. His gift will endow a chair in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and create an endowed fund to enhance the curriculum, student support, and field education abroad for the master of development practice program.
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Sam Henty, University of Melbourne
Risk analysis useful in determining investment in subsoil manuring
By: Grains Research & Development Corporation - December 20, 2019
"While addressing subsoil constraints is likely to increase grain yield, the key economic question for a grower is whether the income from extra grain produced covers the extra costs of ameliorating the subsoil," University of Melbourne master's student Sam Henty says.
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Tyler Mark, University of Kentucky
Commercial growing of hemp around the corner in Florida
By: The Ledger -
"Don't spend any more money than you are willing to lose," Tyler Mark, an agricultural economist at the University of Kentucky, told more than 50 Florida agriculture leaders and academics on Thursday at the Florida Agriculture Policy Outlook Conference 2020.
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Trey Malone, Michigan State University
Tracy Boyer, University of Wisconsin
From Farm To Pint, How Will Beer Weather Climate Change?
By: Wisconsin Public Radio - March 2, 2020
In an industry that already faces heavy federal regulations to make it from the farm to the pint, the possibility of even more regulations will hit small brewers the hardest, said Trey Malone, an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics at Michigan State University.
"Where water may become more expensive because of scarcity, to large manufacturers, you could see them switching to produce more of that beer somewhere else, like Wisconsin," said Tracy Boyer, of UW-Milwaukee's School of Freshwater Sciences.
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Roger Johnson, North Dakota State University
Neil Harl, Dennis Sjodin awarded Farmers Union’s highest honor
By: Aberdeen News & News Dakota - March 1, 2020
“Both Dr. Harl and Dennis Sjodin spent their careers and lives bettering life for American farm and ranch families and their communities,” said NFU President Roger Johnson. “It is important to celebrate champions for family farmers and rural communities and to honor these men in particular for their service. I am proud to recognize their contributions with our organization’s highest honor, the Meritorious Service Award.”
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