Monday, February 17, 2020

Members in the News: Munisamy, Jaenicke, Yu, Goodhue, Mintert, Wilson, Lubben, Thompson, and Plastina

Gopinath Munisamy, University of Georgia
Ag Uncertainty Remains Over China Trade Agreement
By: Farm Monitor - February 7, 2020
“Short term, I think the deal is very specific about it. For 2020, the expectation is that China will import $12.5 billion more than the 2017 baseline. And the 2017 baseline, I’ve seen multiple numbers, the National Farm Bureau has it at $19.5 billion. So, if you add that, you’re looking at $32 billion. And China is supposed to strive for another 5 billion. So, that’s $37 billion in 2020. And so, that’s the short term. And for 2021, the numbers are higher. They go up to a total of $44 billion. So, it averages to about $40 billion every year for the two years of the deal,” said Gopinath Munisamy.
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Edward Jaenicke, Pennsylvania State University
Yang Yu, Pennsylvania State University
How much food does the average US household waste?
By: Medical News Today - February 9, 2020
Professor Edward Jaenicke and doctoral candidate Yang Yu — from the Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education at Pennsylvania State University — used a method of production economics to find that U.S. households are wasting nearly one-third of the food that they buy.
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Rachael Goodhue, University of California, Davis
Associate Dean Oberbauer to join UC Davis agricultural experts at World Ag Expo
By: California Ag Today - February 7, 2020
In addition to Associate Deans Oberbauer, Glick and Ebeler, college experts attending the expo include:
      •  Rachael Goodhue, department chair and professor in agricultural and resource economics, who will be available Feb. 11
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James Mintert, Purdue University
Farmers invited to upcoming breakfast
By: The Tribune - February 10, 2020
James Mintert of Purdue University will deliver the keynote program for the 2020 breakfast. Susan Bevers of Lorenzo, Bevers, Braman and Connell will present a brief program about the Community Foundation’s work and how people can establish an endowment or add to an endowment from their estate.
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Christine Wilson, Kansas State University
New Associate Dean for Academic Programs Joins Purdue Agriculture Leadership Team
By: Hoosier Ag Today - February 10, 2020
Christine Wilson, a professor and director of undergraduate programs for Kansas State University’s agricultural economics department, has been appointed associate dean and director of academic programs for Purdue University’s College of Agriculture, effective Feb. 17.
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Bradley Lubben, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Farm bill help
By: Norfolk Daily News -
The recorded presentation is led by Brad Lubben, extension policy specialist and associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics, and Cathy Anderson, chief specialist of production and compliance programs with the USDA Farm Service Agency in Nebraska.
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Nathanael Thompson, Purdue University
Alejandro Plastina, Iowa State University
Cover crops fuel point-counterpoint debate
By: KMA Land - February 7, 2020
It’s complicated, according to both Shalamar Armstrong, an agronomist, and Nathan Thompson, an agricultural economist, both professors at Purdue University. They recently spoke about the agronomic, economic and environmental considerations of cover crops at Purdue University’s Top Farmer Conference.
Thompson cited a study led by Alejandro Plastina, an Iowa State University-Extension agricultural economist. The study found that return on investment may be the biggest hurdle to overcome for widespread adoption of cover crops.
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