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Members in the News: Grant, Anderson, Gustafson, Taheripour, Kolodinsky, Anderson, Jaenicke, Yu, Dodson, Ifft, Ortiz-Bobea, Crane-Droesch, Massey, Hubbs, Malacarne, Walters, Outlaw, Muhammad, English, Jensen, Huges, Smith, Zhang, Pastina, and Sawadgo.

Jason Grant, Virginia Tech
Is the U.S.-China deal doomed from Day 1?
By: Politico - January 22, 2020
If the agreement holds up, it could set records for ag exports and boost farm prices that have been depressed by years of trade tension and overproduction, says Virginia Tech associate professor Jason Grant, whose expertise is in ag and trade issues. “However, to make this change a reality, China will have to purchase U.S. agricultural products earlier and more often in 2020 and 2021 than we are typically accustomed to seeing,” Grant said.
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John Anderson, University of Arkansas
Dim ag outlook kicks off 2020 Farm Bureau convention
By: Successful Farming - January 18, 2020
If a rebound in supply gets ahead of demand, it would mean a “fairly negative outlook,” according to John Anderson, the former deputy chief economist of the American Farm Bureau Federation and a professor of agricultural economics at the University of Arkansas.
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Christopher Gustafson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Top Diet and Nutrition Issues to be Highlighted during Jan. 29 Media-only Event
By: Newswise - January 20, 2020
Food Choice Economics, Christopher Gustafson, associate professor of agricultural economics, 314A Filley Hall, 1625 Arbor Drive on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus.
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Farzad Taheripour, Purdue University

Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont
Homegrown Kimball Brook Farm Confronts Harsh Realities Of The Dairy Business
By: Vermont Public Radio - January 22, 2020
Jane Kolodinsky chairs University of Vermont Department of Community Development and Applied Economics. She said while demand is stronger for organic milk than for its conventional counterpart, the organic side is also becoming dominated by larger farmers and larger processors.
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David Anderson, Texas A&M University
Our Neighbors: AgriLife honorees
By: The Eagle - January 19, 2020
Extension specialist or program director
• David Anderson, Extension specialist, agricultural economics.
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Edward Jaenicke, Pennsylvania State University
Yang Yu, Pennsylvania State University
US households waste nearly a third of the food they acquire
By: Science Daily - January 23, 2020
This inefficiency in the food economy has implications for health, food security, food marketing and climate change, noted Edward Jaenicke, professor of agricultural economics, College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State.
In this novel approach, Jaenicke and Yang Yu, doctoral candidate in agricultural, environmental and regional economics, analyzed data primarily from 4,000 households that participated in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Household Food Acquisition and Purchase Survey, known as FoodAPS. Food-acquisition data from this survey were treated as the "input."
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Laura Dodson, USDA Economic Research Service
Jennifer Ifft, Cornell University
Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, Cornell University
Andrew Crane-Droesch, USDA Economic Research Service
‘Concern and Uncertainty’: Trump Administration Policy Disrupts Cornell Research
By: The Cornell Daily Sun - January 20, 2020
Agricultural economists are in the business of making forecasts, but even they can’t predict the effect of a changing political climate on their research.
A massive organizational shakeup in the United States Department of Agriculture at the direction of the Trump administration has delayed University research projects that rely on funding and cooperation from the federal agency, according to Cornell professors.
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Raymond Massey, University of Missouri
Farm management meeting set for Jan. 29 in Fargo
By: - January 16, 2020
Ways Behavioral Economics are Impacting Farm Decisions — Ray Massey, agricultural economist, University of Missouri, specializes in risk management and conducts research on decision making under uncertainty. Uncertainty can challenge decision making capacity, but there can be an upside to risk. Understanding how to make decisions in different situations can help producers improve management and negotiation skills.
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Todd Hubbs, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Illinois farmers helped by latest U.S. trade deals, but many questions remain
By: The Southern Illinoisan - January 18, 2020
Unfortunately, that could be awhile, said Todd Hubbs, a professor of agriculture economics at UIUC.
“It doesn't sound like Phase Two is going to get done anytime soon,” Hubbs said, because U.S. leadership could change after November’s presidential election.
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Jonathan Malacarne, University of Maine
Learn about ‘Growing Hemp in Maine’ at March 6 conference
By: Penobscot Bay Pilot - January 2020
Presenters include John Jemison, UMaine Extension professor and soil and water quality specialist; Alicyn Smart, Extension assistant professor and plant pathologist; Matt Wallhead, Extension ornamental horticulture specialist and UMaine assistant professor; Jonathan Malacarne, UMaine assistant professor of agricultural economics; Gary Fish, Maine state horticulturist; Heather Darby, University of Vermont Extension agronomy specialist; and Scot Waring, director of eLucidation, LLC, in Essex Junction, Vermont. 
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Cory Walters, University of Nebraska
Nebraska Strong Financial Services aims to help farmers and ranchers
By: NTV ABC - January 23, 2020
“Management requires measurement,” said Cory Walters, associate professor of agricultural economics. “Benchmarking provides a foundation for farm businesses to assess how they are doing relative to leading businesses.”
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Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M University
Citizens National Bank hosting free seminar on crop insurance changes
By: The Lima News - January 22, 2020
The featured speaker will be Dr. Joe Outlaw, professor and extension economist in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University.
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Andrew Muhammad, University of Tennessee
Burton English, University of Tennessee
Kimberly Jensen, University of Tennessee
David Huges, University of Tennessee
Aaron Smith, University of Tennessee
State’s ag exports expected to increase this year
By: Overton County News - January 21, 2020
Despite another year of international trade conflicts, research from University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture outlines the continued economic strength that the agri-forestry industrial complex provides to the state of Tennessee.
Detailed analyses from the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics are included in the 2020 volume of An Economic Report to the Governor of the State of Tennessee.
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Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University
Alejandro Pastina, Iowa State University
Wendiam Sawadgo, Iowa State University
Iowa State survey shows farm owners make small increases in conservation
By: The Standard Newspaper - January 2020
“We focused on conservation practices credited in the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy as having good potential to reduce nutrient loss, and that are also more popular and familiar to landowners: no-till, cover crops, buffer strips and ponds or sediment basins,” said Wendong Zhang, assistant professor of economics, a co-author of the study, along with Alejandro Plastina, assistant professor in economics, and Wendiam Sawadgo, economics graduate student.
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