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Members in the News: Glauber, Schnitkey, Mintert, Plastina, Malone, Headey, Jansen, and Palma

Joseph Glauber, International Food Policy Research Institute
After Ups and Downs, Farm Groups Look for Finality on Trade
By: Successful Farming - November 19, 2019
“It looks like an overpayment to me for a variety of reasons,” said Glauber, who has studied the question whether the payments violate WTO limits on trade-distorting subsidies. The administration spent $10 billion to mitigate the impact of the trade war on the agriculture sector in 2018, the bulk of it in cash payments to farmers and ranchers, and is offering up to $16 billion to offset trade damage to this year’s production.
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Gary Schnitkey, University of Illinois
James Mintert, Purdue University
Alejandro Plastina, Iowa State University
In Search of Clean Water
By: Successful Farming - November 20, 2019
“These farmers are both environmentally conscious and they want to make money,” Schnitkey says. “But they don’t want to lose yield, and more pounds of nitrogen is cheap insurance.” 
How dramatic? Pigs per litter has increased from 7.8 in 1990 to 11.1 pigs in 2019. Also, pounds of beef per cow soared from 533 in 1990 to 657 pounds in 2018. Poultry efficiency is just as good, Mintert says. 
Some hurdles include the fact that more and more, farmers are renting land from absentee landlords. In Iowa alone, 45% of the state’s farm acres fit this bill, according to Alejandro Plastina, Iowa State University assistant professor and Wendiam Sawadgo, graduate student. When they don't own the land, many producers are hesitant to adopt conservation practices like cover crops, buffer strips, and no-till. Yet, in research the pair conducted, landowners indicated they would be willing to increase cover crop adoption – even pay for part of the planting cost – if asked. Moreover, they would be more inclined to adopt conservation practices in exchange for tax credits and/or tax deductions. 
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Trey Malone, Michigan State University

Derek Headey, International Food Policy Research Insistute

Jim Jansen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Landlord/tenant cash rent workshops
By: KTIC - November 22, 2019
Extension educators Austin Duerfeldt, Jim Jansen and Allan Vyhnalek, all working in the Department of Agricultural Economics, have collaborated to develop a program that will address agricultural finance and the real estate market, negotiation skills and considerations for leases and strategies for farmland succession and communication.
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Marco Palma, Texas A&M University
WATCH: Texas A&M Human Behavior Lab reveals subconscious feelings during Democratic debate
By: KBTX - November 21, 2019
“Sometimes what we say we’re going to do and what we end up doing doesn’t necessarily perfectly align,” said Marco Palma, director of the Texas A&M Human Behavior Laboratory. For example, in the 2016 election, polls had Hillary Clinton winning the presidency, but in reality, the votes came in for now-President Donald Trump.
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James Mintert, Purdue University
Nathan DeLay, Purdue University

Nathan Thompson, Purdue University
Purdue’s Top Farmer Conference will focus on strategies for mitigating risk in 2020
By: Effingham Daily News - November 21, 2019
“Uncertain economic conditions plagued the 2019 agricultural economy leaving farmers with tough decisions ahead of next year’s planting season,” James Mintert, Purdue professor of agricultural economics and director of the Center for Commercial Agriculture, said. “The 2020 Top Farmer Conference was developed to address concerns producers and agribusiness professionals may face in the coming year and help them identify strategies to position their operations for future success.”
Purdue professors Nathan DeLay, Nathan Thompson, and James Mintert will share survey data from crop farmers regarding their usage of digital ag technology on their farms. Purdue’s crop production specialists, Robert Nielsen and Shaun Casteel from Purdue agronomy and Bill Johnson from Purdue weed science, will discuss lessons from 2019 that can be applied to farmer’s 2020 production plans. The conference will conclude with a session featuring well known crop climatologist, Eric Snodgrass, from Nutrien Ag Solutions and the University of Illinois, on weather and climate impacts on crop production and managing weather risk in production agriculture.
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