Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Food and Health Economics Workshop


The second Food and Health Economics Workshop will take place at the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) June 18 and 19, 2020. The Food and Health Economics Workshop brings together researchers from around the world working in the field of Food and Health Economics.

The workshop provides a forum that encourages the development, critical appraisal, and dissemination of methodological research related to food and health economics. In this regard empirical, theoretical and experimental papers will be selected on the basis of their contribution to the advance of the knowledge on the topic.

Contributions would address and answer key policy questions through rigorous economic analysis. Possible topics include obesity, in particular children obesity, malnutrition, non-communicable chronic diseases, nutritional transition, ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of food and/or nutritional policies, strategic role of food firms, food safety.

DATES and VENUE: June 18 and 19, 2020, Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), France.

LOCAL ORGANIZERS: Céline Bonnet (TSE-R, INRA), Catarina Goulão (TSE-R, INRA), Vincent Réquillart (TSE-R, INRA).

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Timothy Beatty (U.C. Davis), Pierre Chandon (INSEAD), Helmuth Cremer (TSE-R), Pierre Dubois (TSE-R), Fabrice Etilé (INRA, PSE), Stephanie von Hinke (U. Bristol, UK), Jayson Lusk (U. Purdue), Franco Sassi (Imperial College), Luigi Siciliani (U. York, UK), and local organizers.

TO SUBMIT A PAPER: The deadline to submit a research article is February 29, 2020. Preliminary versions of papers are accepted, but full papers will be given priority. Young researchers are especially encouraged to apply. Papers have to be sent to the following email address in pdf format: fhew2020.conf@tse-fr.eu


REGISTRATION: April 30, 2020

FORMAT: The workshop is run over two days and comprises around 15 papers. The number of participants will be limited to around 50. Participants are expected to attend the whole of the meeting and play a role as author, discussant or chairperson.

FEES: Fees amount to 250 € VAT included. Lunch and dinner are provided by the conference.

INFORMATION: All relevant information will be made available on the conference website in due time;


If necessary, you may also contact the local organizers at fhew2020.conf@tse-fr.eu

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