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Members in the News: Tyner, Newton, Irwin, Mintert, Funk, Kolodinsky, Maples, Coble, Neill, Sumner, Zhang, and Goodrich

Wallace Tyner, Purdue University
John Newton, American Farm Bureau Federation
Scott Irwin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
James Mintert, Purdue University
Floods and Trump’s Trade War Create an Uncertain Year for Farmers
By: The New York Times - May 31, 2019
“It’s probably the most complicated decision season I’ve ever seen,” said Wallace Tyner, a professor of agricultural economics at Purdue University.
The American Farm Bureau Federation has urged the Department of Agriculture to change the way it sets the assistance payments, according to John Newton, the group’s chief economist. The bureau wants acres that can’t be planted to count toward a farmer’s eligibility for federal assistance.
“Where it would be felt most immediately is through milk, meat and eggs,” said Scott Irwin, a professor of agricultural marketing at the University of Illinois.
The question is whether, and how much, farmers are able to adapt to what seems likely to become the new normal, according to Jim Mintert, director of the center for commercial agriculture at Purdue. Mr. Mintert listed the changes that some farmers in Indiana have made to prepare for more extreme rainfall, including spending money on systems to help drain their fields more quickly and experimenting with different types of cover crops.
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Sam Funk, Iowa Farm Bureau
Town Hall with Kirsten Gillibrand | Part 3
By: YouTube – Fox News - June 2, 2019
Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand answers audience questions on trade, the economy and border security with moderator Chris Wallace in Dubuque, Iowa.
At 1:00 you may see AAEA member Sam Funk's interview regarding the money President Trump promised U.S. farmers and the floods occurring. Funk says, "The aspect of that money is, the details are still yet to be worked out. We don't know exactly how this is going to take place."
Watch on: YouTube – Fox News
Finally! E-15 is legal to sell all year to everybody
By: WHO Radio’s The Big Show - May 31, 2019
On the last day, EPA announces they are adjusting the Reid Vapor Pressure Waiver to include the 15 percent ethanol blend, and POET CEO Jeff Broin says it's a game changer that could create 2 billion bushels more demand for corn. PLUS Ag Secretary Mike Naig is celebrating the Grand Opening of Iowa's newest ethanol plant, Elite Octane in Atlantic plus Garret Toay's market analysis.
At 28:40 AAEA member Sam Funk gives his comments on the availability of year-around E15, agricultural trade, and the weather-impact on the overall conditions for Iowa and U.S. agriculture.
Watch on: WHO Radio’s The Big Show

Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont
The Vermonter Poll: More to hemp than CBD
By: Vermont Biz - May 30, 2019
Jane Kolodinsky, director of the Center for Rural Studies and chair of UVM’s CDAE Department, noted the rural economic development potential industrial hemp presents, but noted some challenges facing current producers.
“CBD is booming, but like most agricultural products or commodities, it will likely level out,” said Jane Kolodinsky, director of the Center for Rural Studies and chair of UVM’s CDAE Department. “There is potential for industrial hemp production to be profitable beyond CBD, but there is also a fair amount of uncertainty around regulation and processing. Documenting successful value chains from production and processing to manufacturing and marketing can spur local economic development and help keep agriculture and the working landscape alive in our state,” notes Kolodinsky.
Read more on: Vermont Biz and VTDigger

Josh Maples, Mississippi State University
Keith Coble, Mississippi State University
FLOODS AND TARIFFS — Farmers fight nature and trade war to keep heads above water
By: Mississippi Business Journal - June 6, 2019
Even with the latest federal “bailout,” the best outlook is break-even for Mississippi row-crop farmers who have been hammered by Chinese tariffs and inundated by flooding, says Dr. Josh Maples, assistant professor of agricultural economics at Mississippi State University.
Crop insurance will cover 60 percent of the soybean crop that was not planted due to wet conditions, according to to Dr. Keith Coble, head of the agricultural economics department at Mississippi State.
Read more on: Mississippi Business Journal

Clint Neill, Virginia Tech
BTS 16: Equal Pay Day: The Gender Wage Gap is Real with Clint Neill
By: Beyond The Stethoscope - June 2, 2019
Dr. Clint Neill is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at Virginia Tech. Dr. Neill received his Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State in 2017. His research focuses on labor markets and food system economics. Specifically, he has worked on analyzing the veterinarian industry and what factors affect veterinarian income. Dr. Neill’s current work on Veterinary Economics is focusing on the factors that affect the gender wage gap. He has published several academic papers on the topic of Veterinary Economics and plans to continue this line of research for a long time. Dr. Neill has worked with the AVMA Economics Division for almost five years and has a passion to help all veterinarians succeed within the industry.
At 8:42 AAEA member Clint Neil discusses his point of view and new research on Beyond The Stethoscope Podcast, and thanks everyone who allowed him to do this research.
Listen on: Beyond The Stethoscope

Daniel Sumner, University of California, Davis
Trump’s Mexico Tariffs Could Make Your Avocados Toast
By: Civil Eats - June 4, 2019
“I assume Mexico will retaliate,” said Daniel A. Sumner, professor of agricultural economics at the University of California, Davis. “Let’s all hope this is a bluff and as summer progresses we’ll be OK.”
Americans’ predilection for year-round produce has led to such reliance on food imports, said Sumner. In the past, people ate what was available, and most fruits were only harvested for a few weeks out of the year. Now, retailers look to Mexico, with its extended growing season, to supply fruits and vegetables in fall and winter when they aren’t available in the U.S.
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John Newton, American Farm Bureau Federation
Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University
Numbers put current ag picture in perspective
By: The Messenger - June 9, 2019
“U.S. agriculture’s debt-to-asset ratio for 2019 is forecast at 13.9 percent, meaning it’s moving in the wrong direction,” said Dr. John Newton, chief economist for the American Farm Bureau Federation, who spoke at the 92nd annual Soil Management Land Valuation Conference in Ames recently. “This ratio has increased seven consecutive years, plus it’s the highest level in nearly 20 years.”
One of the hot topics among the hundreds of agribusiness professionals who attended the event included Iowa farmland values. The 2018 ISU Land Value Survey showed a 0.8 percent decrease in average Iowa farmland values from November 2017 to November 2018, noted Dr. Wendong Zhang, an assistant professor of economics at ISU. The average statewide value of an acre of farmland was estimated at $7,264.
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Brittney Goodrich, Auburn University
Ag economists comment on effect of Midwest floods on corn farmers and consumer prices
By: High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal - June 6, 2019
Henry Kinnucan and Brittney Goodrich, agricultural economists in Auburn University’s College of Agriculture, comment on the heavy rain and floods affecting U.S. corn farmers, especially in the Midwest, who face delayed planting. Consumers also face rising grocery and ethanol prices as a result of the delayed planting.
Read more on: High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

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