Tuesday, June 4, 2019

2019 Call for Research Reports, Updates, and Outreach Writing

Food Distribution Research Society Annual Conference

October 18-22; Seattle, WA
The Food Distribution Research Society invites submissions of Research Reports, Research Updates, and Outreach Writing for the 2019 Annual Conference to be held in Seattle WA from October 18-22, 2019. Work related to any food distribution area from the farm gate through retail to the consumer is welcome at FDRS.

For more information on the conference, check under Conferences at the FDRS website  http://www.fdrsinc.org. Address and Questions & Correspondence regarding research submissions to Research co-VPs Dawn Thilmany and Lurleen Walters at the email: FDRSVPresearch@gmail.com

Research Reports are scholarly papers focusing on the results of research efforts. Reports will be evaluated and accepted on the basis of one-page abstracts that describe the research and its relevance to food distribution issues. Conference presentations of research reports are limited to 20 minutes each.

Research Updates are synopses of research or educational work either (1) recently completed, (2) in progress, or (3) to be undertaken within the next year. To give an update, submit a maximum one-page description of the update. Presentations of updates will be limited to 15 minutes each.

Outreach Writing is a relatively new category for the conference. We seek to recognize the kinds of technical communication of food industry issues that is key to the Extension/Industry Outreach work done by the Societys founders and is core to many members’ work today. Some call these articles industry outlook or it may be something contributed to publications such as Choices materials that communicate food supply chain and marketing issues to an intelligent, highly-involved but non-academic audience. Submissions will consist of the actual article and the submission form. At the conference, the author will have 15 minutes to present a summary of the articles key points and how it was used in outreach/Extension efforts.

Email submissions to Dawn Thilmany and Lurleen Walters, at  FDRSVPresearch@gmail.com, by July 1, 2019. Authors will be notified of acceptance by July 31, 2019.

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