Thursday, November 15, 2018

Call for Abstracts: 4th Agriculture, Nutrition & Health (ANH) Academy Week

(Deadline: 6 January 2019)
The ANH Academy invites the submission of abstracts for the  Research Conference on research  at the nexus of agriculture and food systems, nutrition and health to be held in India from 24 -28 June 2019 (city TBC).The conference programme will include invited papers for oral presentations of various formats as well as poster sessions. We welcome papers from all relevant disciplines, e.g. economics, nutrition, public health, epidemiology, environmental sciences, agronomy, sociology, anthropology etc.

Key definitions for the purpose of this call:
Nutrition outcomes refer broadly to food consumption trends, food choice behaviours, dietary/feeding patterns, nutrient adequacy of diets, nutritional status (including double burden of malnutrition).

Health outcomes refer to diet-related chronic diseases, mental health, infectious diseases and health conditions associated with agricultural environments and food systems, including zoonoses and anti-microbial resistance, and food safety.

Agriculture and food systems include food production, distribution, processing, trade, marketing; and the resources, systems, stakeholders and institutions involved in these processes.

Nutrition/health pathways include upstream determinants of agriculture and food systems (examples: environment, land-use, ecology, governance, macro-economic policies) and their impacts–socioeconomic, distributional, cultural, agro-ecological, geographical, behavioral etc.–which have implications on nutrition and health outcomes. For instance, these could involve the pathway linking agriculture and food systems, household water security and infectious disease transmission; or the pathways linking food advertising, food cultures, diet quality and diet-related chronic conditions.

How to submit and submission deadline
Authors should submit abstracts through this Submittable link by 6 January 2019 at 23.59 GMT. Any queries can be directed to

Selection process
The ANH Academy Week Research Conference receives more abstracts than it can accept for oral or poster presentations. Therefore, abstracts will be reviewed by the ANH Academy Week 2019 Scientific Committee and selected on the basis of their scientific quality, originality and relevance to the themes and methods encouraged above. The panel will make a decision on whether an abstract is selected for an oral presentation or a poster session. All poster presenters will have the opportunity to present a one-minute summary of their poster during a Conference plenary session.

Abstracts can be submitted here via Submittable.

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