Monday, July 16, 2018

Members in the News: Muhammad, Smith, Hart, Tyner, Marchant, Tregeagle, Sumner, Coble, and Doherty

Andrew Muhammad, University of Tennessee
S. Aaron Smith, University of Tennessee
How Trump's Trade Fight Risks Upending Global Agriculture Flows
By: Bloomberg - July 4, 2018
The oilseed, used to make cooking oil and animal feed, accounts for about 60 percent of the U.S.’s $20 billion of agricultural exports to China. If China retaliates with 25 percent tariffs, American shipments may drop by $4.5 billion, according to a study by the University of Tennessee.
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Chad Hart, Iowa State University
Wallace Tyner, Purdue University
Mary Marchant, Virginia Tech
Trump Distorts Facts on Agricultural Trade
By: Fact Check - July 3, 2018
Chad E. Hart, an associate professor of economics and crop markets specialist at Iowa State University, described trade as a “bright spot” for an industry that has been in decline after record income levels from 2011 through 2014.
“The ag sector is seeing some hard times, but it is because of lower prices and not trade,” Wallace E. Tyner, who teaches agricultural economics at Purdue University, told us. “Weather has been pretty good, production high, and prices therefore lower.”
Mary Marchant, a professor in Virginia Tech’s Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, said simply, “Bottom line, trade has been good for ag. overall & we are dependent on it for our success.”
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Daniel Tregeagle, University of California, Davis
Researchers Take a Look into the Future of Strawberries
By: California AG Today - July 1, 2018
Daniel Tregeagle, a postdoctoral scholar of agricultural economics at UC Davis, is working on the survey.

“This project is being run over the state of California, through a number of different institutions, different universities, including the state of Florida,” Tregeagle said. “Strawberry growers all over the country are trying to find out what we should be breeding in the next generation of strawberry cultivars.”
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Daniel Sumner, University of California, Davis
Wine, almonds, milk: How new China tariffs could hurt California farmers
By: abc10 - July 11, 2018
While the full impact of these tariffs is not yet known, according to UC Davis Agricultural Economics Professor Daniel Sumner, they do have the potential to hurt local farmers.

"The general effect is reduced demand," Sumner said. "And what that means is the products are going to get sold, but they're going to get sold at lower prices."
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Keith Coble, Mississippi State University
Domino effect of tariffs could still hit your wallet
By: MS News Now - July 12, 2018
"The benefits of trade are usually benefits that go to consumers," explained Dr. Keith Coble, Mississippi State University Agricultural Economics department head. "So you go to the grocery store and you go to the department store, things are cheaper and it's not really obvious to us why things are cheaper. And that's the difficulty for people to understand these trade issues."
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Mike Doherty, Illinois Farm Bureau
As Chinese soybean tariff looms, Illinois farmers face grim economic prospects
By: Peoria Journal Star - July 5, 2018
"Remember, 2018 is year number five of fairly low farm income compared to what we had from 2005 through 2013, so it looks like this is going to be one of the worst years,” said Mike Doherty, an economist with the Illinois Farm Bureau. “It’s hard to see a ray of sunshine in all of this.”
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