Wednesday, May 23, 2018

2018 Julius Shiskin Award

Barry Bosworth and Danny Pfeffermann

Barry Bosworth, Senior Fellow in the Economics Studies Program and Robert V. Roosa Chair in International Economics at the Brookings Institution, and Danny Pfeffermann, Director of Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics and Professor of Statistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and the University of Southampton, UK, have been selected to receive the 2018 Julius Shiskin Memorial Award for Economic Statistics. The award recognizes unusually original and important contributions in the development of economic statistics or in the use of statistics in interpreting the economy.

Dr. Bosworth is recognized for conducting research using key federal government statistical programs to study topics such capital formation, saving, and productivity growth, and for advising the Statistical agencies to improve these programs. Professor Pfeffermann is recognized for collaborating with statistical agencies around the world to improve several major programs such as time series small area estimation, estimation of mean square error of seasonally adjusted and trend estimators, and modeling of complex survey data, accounting for informative sampling and nonresponse.

Bosworth and Pfeffermann become the 46th and 47st recipients of the Award; they will be honored at events hosted by the three sponsors of the award: the Washington Statistical Society, the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), and the Business and Economics Section of the American Statistical Association.

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