Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Call for Applications: 2018 TLC Graduate Student Teaching Award

Applications are now invited for the 2018 TLC Graduate Student Teaching Award.

The Teaching, Learning and Communication Section (TLC) recognizes that graduate students are our teachers and educators of tomorrow. In support of this emerging cohort, we have chosen to sponsor an award to recognize and encourage graduate students who excel in teaching agricultural or applied economics courses. The award winner will be recognized at the 2018 AAEA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. during the TLC section’s business meeting. The award recipient is expected to present at the TLC’s track session “Teaching Tips from AAEA Winners.”

Any member of the AAEA may submit nominations and selection is made based on nominating materials. Re-nominations are encouraged, providing materials are updated and resubmitted. The Graduate Student Teaching Award is a criterion-based award and is reviewed by a committee of TLC members.

The successful nominee will be required to attend the 2018 AAEA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. In addition, the winner of the award will participate as a presenter (10-15 minute presentation) in the TLC’s track session “AAEA Teaching Tips Winners.” This session offers the opportunity for Teaching Award recipients to share teaching tips and have a dialogue with AAEA members. The goal of the session is to share ideas on what successful teachers are doing in and out of the classroom to facilitate learning.

Eligibility: The nominee must have been involved in course instruction (including one or more of laboratory, discussion sections, help section, and online courses) for a minimum of one year (2 semesters or 3 quarters or the equivalent). Nominee must have been a graduate student in good standing within the year before the nomination, i.e. cannot have graduated prior to August 2017. Applicants must hold a current Graduate Student Membership in AAEA.

Selection Criteria: The following three major areas are considered in evaluating nominations:
  1. Quality of teaching;
  2. Personal commitment to teaching and self-development as a teacher; and
  3. Involvement in undergraduate extracurricular activities.
Nomination Packet: Nominating materials should demonstrate that the nominee has outstanding ability and performance as a teacher of agricultural or applied economics as defined by the AAEA Vision Statement. The nomination packet shall include the following:
  1. Award cover page, including membership status to address eligibility. The cover page should include the following information:
    1. Name, title, professional address, telephone number, email address of the nominator;
    2. Name, title, professional address, telephone number, email address of the nominee; and  
    3. "TLC Graduate Student Teaching Award Nomination" should be included on the cover page.
  2. An essay by the nominee on his/her teaching philosophy, not to exceed five typewritten (double-spaced) pages;
  3. A complete description of nominee's specific teaching involvement;
  4. A self-evaluation of nominee's teaching activities;
  5. A summary of student evaluations of teaching, and no more than two letters of support from current or former students;
  6. Two letters of support from faculty, administrators, or others directly involved in the nominee's teaching activities;
  7. A statement about nominee's involvement in activities related to teaching (clubs, review sessions, committees, etc.);
  8. The nominee's resume/vita; and
  9. Supporting materials may be submitted but are limited to three additional pages.
Due date: Friday, April 20, 2018. All materials are to be submitted as a single electronic PDF file to Maria Bampasidou at mbampasidou@agcenter.lsu.edu.

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