Monday, March 12, 2018

Members in the News: Sumner, Boland, Novakovic, Coat, and Zhang

Dan Sumner, University of California, Davis
Trade war could spark food fight, California growers fear
By: LA Times - March 2, 2018

No state has more at stake than California, which leads the country in agricultural revenue. Farmers and ranchers in the Golden State are twice as dependent on foreign trade as the country as a whole. World leaders also likely know that Trump enjoyed deep support in rural, agricultural areas, including much of the Central Valley, said Dan Sumner, an economist who directs the Agricultural Issues Center at UC Davis.

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Michael Boland, University of Minnesota
Diverse portfolio helps Land O'Lakes carve out record profit in lean times
By: StarTribune- March 4, 2018

Michael Boland, University of Minnesota agricultural economics professor, said that trio of different businesses helps Land O’Lakes remain resilient during the economic ups and downs of farming, including the sluggish ag economy of the past few years.

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Andy Novakovic, Cornell University
House Ag Committee Takes on Dairy Woes
By: Lancaster Farming - March 2, 2018

Andy Novakovic, a professor of agricultural economics at Cornell who has been studying Pennsylvania’s dairy industry, cautioned the committee about focusing on the board.

“The Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board is not the cause of your problem or the solution of your problems. It’s an astonishing distraction from your problems,” Novakovic said.

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Bobby Coat, University of Arkansas
Thursday webinar: The Global Rice Market and China’s Role Within It
By: Delta FarmPress - March 5, 2018

Bobby Coat, professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, University of Arkansas System, Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service, will host the webinar.

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Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University
Trade retaliation concerns soybean farmers
By: Ottumwa Courier - March 6, 2018

Wendong Zhang, assistant professor in the department of economics at Iowa State University, said China is an indispensable trade partner. America receives $14 billion from soybean exports alone, but a trade war could have a negative effect on soybean trade and local farmers.

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