Tuesday, March 27, 2018

2018 Extension Competition for Graduate Students

2018 AAEA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., August 5–7, 2018
The Extension and Graduate Student Sections of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association announce a competition for graduate students for 2018. This competition, sponsored jointly by the Extension Section and the Graduate Student Section, provides graduate student competitors the opportunity to develop extension and outreach programs from their research. The development of education materials and presentations suitable for a general public audience is expected.

We encourage all departments with graduate students in agricultural economics, agribusiness, natural resource economics, community resource economics, applied economics or similar programs related to agriculture and/or the food system to tell their students about this important competition.

Purpose for the Competition
To provide incentives to graduate students to learn to prepare and present appropriate analytical results for an extension (usually non-economist) audience. This can be based upon the graduate student’s research for a thesis or dissertation, or other projects. Participation in the competition is expected to enhance the professional growth of participating students regarding extension programs.

Who’s Eligible?
Eligible applicants are:
  • Graduate students currently engaged in agricultural economics, agribusiness, natural resources, and community resource economics.
  • Applied or similar economics MS or PhD programs related to agriculture and/or the food system. 
  • Those who graduated from such programs in 2017 or later.
Note: Participants must identify and work with a mentor with experience in outreach or extension activities.

Competition Application Information
Applications should be addressed to Kate Fuller at kate.fuller@montana.edu and must include:
  1. Student’s name, university, department, address and contact information.
  2. Title of the extension program to be delivered.
  3. A summary of the proposed extension program. This should include target audience, delivery plans, communication methods and activities planned for distributing the information to the public such as with fact sheets, pamphlets, press releases, reports, web sites, streaming videos, spreadsheets, workshops, PowerPoint presentations and training activities to be conducted (4 page maximum).
  4. A profile of the student applicant’s background as well as the related thesis title and brief description of the research (maximum 1 page).
  5. The mentor’s name, address and description of the mentor’s role in assisting the student with this project.
Submission Deadline
Applications must be submitted electronically no later than 5:00 pm EST on May 31, 2018.

Selection of Finalists
Finalists will be selected to make a 15-minute extension/outreach presentation at the 2018 AAEA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., on Sunday August 5, 2018, to a panel of judges. Selection of the finalists will be notified by June 15, 2018.

Criteria for Selecting Finalists
Criteria for judging the finalist and winners will include:
Identification of a target audience.
a) An explanation of the issue/problem/opportunity being addressed
b) An explanation on how this target audience was identified

Development of an extension program for the target audience that includes:
a) An outline of the goals of the extension program
b) A summary and an explanation of the main elements of the thesis, dissertation, or other research results, to be included in the extension program. Include a description of how the results will address the issue/problem/opportunity and benefit the target audience.
c) A summary of the program in an extension report, or extension PowerPoint presentation, or other appropriate extension communication media that the audience can take home. This summary should be an explanation that would be effective in accomplishing the extension goals as identified in step 2a. above.

An explanation of extension team development and responsibilities in terms of program development and delivery should be addressed, if appropriate.

Plans for evaluating the effectiveness of the extension program.

Extension/outreach presentation at the AAEA
Each finalist must develop oral and visual presentations (15 minutes in length) for delivery at the 2018 AAEA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. Following the 15-minute presentation the judges will have 5 minutes of questions. The competition begins at 8am on Sunday, August 5th. The top three finalists are required to make presentations during an AAEA Extension track organized symposium.

Cash awards will be given to those judged to be the top three graduate students in this competition. Award funding is provided by the AAEA Extension Section through membership dues and via support provided by sponsors. Awards are:
  • First Place: $1,000 and a plaque
  • Second Place: $300 and a certificate
  • Third Place: $200 and a certificate
Other finalists receive finalist certificates

The top 3 competitors selected will be recognized at the AAEA Awards ceremony. All finalists are guests at the Extension Luncheon during the AAEA annual meetings. Luncheon tickets will be provided to all finalists.

Submit Entries to:
Dr. Kate Fuller
Competition Committee Chair
Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics
Montana State University
Email: kate.fuller@montana.edu

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