Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New AAEA Pub Series on Teaching Resources

The AAEA is preparing to launch a new publication series on teaching resources. I am excited to announce that at its January 2018 meeting, the AAEA Board of Directors approved a new, online, peer-reviewed publication series entitled Applied Economics Teaching Resources. This series will establish a new home for case studies, classroom games, and other teaching resources of interest to agricultural and applied economists.

The new series fills a teaching gap in current AAEA publications. In fall 2017, the AAEA convened a task force named by the Agribusiness Economics and Management (AEM) and Teaching, Learning, and Communication (TLC) sections. The task force prepared a report that initially focused on finding a long-term home for case studies by and for applied economists. The group soon recognized that the need was wider, embracing a growing set of classroom games and other interactive learning innovations. To capture the wider scope, the series was named Applied Economics Teaching Resources.

For quality assurance, the series will be peer reviewed under the supervision of a compensated editor and a five-member editorial board that includes two AEM members, one TLC member, and two other AAEA members. The publication will be distributed through AgEconSearch. It is anticipated that authors will be able to track impacts through both anonymous, open-access downloads on AgEconSearch and controlled access to instructor downloads of teaching notes.

The AAEA will shortly release a Call for Inaugural Editor Applications. The inaugural editor will design and launch the new publication, shaping its character for years to come. The AAEA Board will be seeking a visionary with the dedication to establish this new series among AAEA publications as the go-to place for excellent teaching resources.

Scott Swinton,

AAEA President

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